Apple iPhone Fold Could Be In The Works, Design Gets A Nod From The US Patent and Trademark Office

People look at iPhones at the World Trade Center Apple Store during a Black Friday sales event in Manhattan, New York City
People look at iPhones at the World Trade Center Apple Store during a Black Friday sales event in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., Nov. 23, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

A new round of speculations surfaced recently claiming that Apple could be developing a radically designed iPhone. The rumors started when the company's pending design application, which appears to be a foldable device gets approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Now, many tech analysts and experts are becoming certain that the industry might soon see an Apple iPhone Fold.

Samsung could have been the first major smartphone maker to launch a foldable device in the market. But, it turned out the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold is ridden with design flaws that sacrificed the screens when used regularly. For more than a couple of years, the South Korean tech and electronics giant has been pushing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold because it is still in the process of perfecting its design.

Samsung is not alone in its brave and ambitious attempt to launch a radical concept. The Chinese tech titan, Huawei, also unveiled the Huawei Mate X as its foldable handset. Today, it appears that Apple is joining the fray in the foldable handset market if the recent speculations are true that is will soon launch the Apple iPhone Fold.

The rumors surrounding the launch of Apple iPhone Fold has been circulating the Internet for several months. But, it has become more rampant recently when the Us Patent and Trademark Office approved one of its design concepts for a foldable device. Fans are getting more and more certain that the Cupertino-based tech titan is currently devoting its time in the development of the much-talked-about Apple iPhone Fold.

First spotted by Patently Apple, the US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted approval on the Apple patents for their application described as a foldable display and cover for an electronic device. It is important to note that Apple's work is centered on the creation and development of a display with a particular flexible region and a cover layer that uses ceramics like sapphire or toughened glass for its rumored Apple iPhone Fold.

This is a progress and a eparture from what we have previously seen from Huawei or Samsung's flexible devices, which utilized plastic panels. With Apple's distinct approdach, the company proves that it is highly possible to develop radical folding devices because of increased structural integrity. While the standard fold is evident in the patent application, Apple clearly illustrates its radical dual and triple folding concepts that reportedly, we could soon be seeing as Apple iPhone Fold.

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