Samsung Will Kill Headphone Jack, Physical Buttons With Galaxy Note 10 Release

A man tries out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 9 at its store in Seoul
A man tries out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 9 at its store in Seoul, South Korea January 7, 2019. Picture taken January 7, 2019. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji (Photo: KIM HONG-JI / Reuters)

For the Galaxy Note 10 release later this 2019, Samsung is reportedly on a purging mode. Familiar features seen from older Samsung and Android handsets will no longer be around when the next Note model gets unpacked. Gone will be the 3.5mm headphone jack and the physical control keys like the volume rocker.

Also lined up for axing are the buttons to power up a Samsung device and the dedicated key that summons the unpopular Bixby when pressed, Android Police reported. The idea that Samsung intends to kill physical holes and keys on its future devices is nothing new but the same report claimed the latest suggestion stands on solid ground.

"We can now provide stronger confirmation," the blog site asserted, adding that the alternatives or the reasons for the drastic move will likely be greeted with glee by Samsung and Android fans alike.

For one, the elimination of physical control keys could pave the way for Samsung engineers to fashion out a slimmer and paperweight phone while maintaining a high standard on durability. It makes sense too that with fewer openings on the handset, which will be achieved by doing away with the audio input terminal, the next Note installment will get a higher rating in terms of resistance to water and dust.

In addition, a Note 10 that is lacking a headphone jack could potentially get a bigger battery, which should be a compromise that many device users are ready to accept. But as noted by The Verge, the device will still have the S-Pen stylus so this actually happening is a puzzle that Samsung will still need to figure out.

In lieu of the features set to be phased out, the Galaxy Note 10 can be controlled with the use of the capacitive keys. There will be sectors on the device that will have sensors and these areas will be highlighted by slightly raised or textured surfaces.

As for audio listening, the USB-C terminal of the Note 10 will also function as input for wired headphones, which is the emerging model for many Android devices. If wireless is preferred for the same function, the device can be paired readily with headsets and speakers via Bluetooth or NFC.

So it seems that the Galaxy Note 10 is shaping up as a huge departure from the older models if only for the purported radical redesign to unbox with the device. It should be noted, Android Police said, that the 2019 Note design will most likely be reflected on the Galaxy S11 when it hits the market in early 2020.

Samsung is said to be preparing two models of the Galaxy Note 10 on launch time with one edition either smaller or bigger than the regular build. The device release date is expected to happen no later than August 2019.

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