Tesla Model S To Get Major Updates, Production To Begin In September

Tesla Model S
A Tesla Model S electric car is seen at its dealership in Seoul (Photo: REUTERS)

The Tesla Model S is set to get major updates that will include a longer autonomy range and a modern interior styling based on the Model 3. Tesla hasn't confirmed yet, but the said new Model S would be manufactured in Tesla's Gigafactory in Freemont California by September.

The sources cited by CNBC are current employees and some former ones of the Californian factory itself. Apparently, this production center would be finalizing all technical details of the refresh of the Tesla Model S and will begin manufacturing both the new Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S before the year ends.

The last major update of the Tesla Model S was back in 2016. The update was lackluster giving Model S an expressionless face and a disappointing slight increase in range. Now, with the arrival of the Model 3 and other electric vehicles in the market, sporting a much more minimalist and modern style, it is just the right time for the Model S to get major restyling - might even be a little too late.

According to reports, the renewal of the Tesla Model S 2020 will present the most changes in the interior. Its appearance and configuration will be based on the Model 3, in this way, it will sport an even cleaner and minimalist style.

The screen that is currently behind the wheel could be replaced by some much simpler indicator, like the one we have already seen in the test versions of the new Tesla Roadster. And the vertical screen in the dashboard of the current Tesla Model S could adopt the horizontal floating style touch screen multimedia already seen in the Model 3.

The seats of the most equipped version of the Model 3 could also be mirrored in the 2020 Model S update. However, it's unclear whether these new seats would be limited to the front or spread to the three-person bench in the back. Additionally, small and subtle changes would also be expected throughout the interior, such as the leg space, which may be changed to cut production cost.

At a technical and mechanical level, the main update aims to get the capability of Tesla Model 3's top range. This would mean a battery of greater capacity, the same that is currently incorporated in the Model 3, which would provide a range of about 400 miles. This is a significant increase over the current maximum range of the Tesla Model S, which is at 345 miles and 375 miles for the long-range model S.

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