Melania Got Used By Nancy Pelosi In The Latter’s Criticism Of Trump’s Immigration Plan

Melania Got Used By Nancy Pelosi In The Latter’s Criticism Of Trump’s Immigration Plan
The First Lady Melania just got used by Nancy Pelosi in the latter’s criticism of her husband President Donald Trump’s proposed immigration plan. (Photo: @FLOTUS/Twitter)

The First Lady Melania just got used by Nancy Pelosi in the latter's criticism of her husband President Donald Trump's proposed immigration plan.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi recently attacked President Trump's newly proposed changes to the United States Immigration policy. In the process, she used the First Lady's name and circumstances from way back to drive a point in.

Pelosi spoke Wednesday at an affair in San Francisco at the Commonwealth Club of California, renewing her criticism of the revisions that the President is proposing and saying that he was hypocritical in doing so, considering the circumstances by which his wife Melania's family had gained entry into the U.S.

The 79-year-old politician said that she did not know whether "merit counted" when the First Lady's parents got into the U.S. She went on to say that "maybe" it did count, and that if it had, then "God bless them," referring to Melania's relations.

The House Speaker continued her talk, pointing out that is what President Trump referred to as "chain migration," which is what he wanted to be "rid of." In effect, he would be restricting a route which his own wife's family has benefitted from in the past.  

Although the prevailing attitude in Congress regarding Trump's proposal shows that the idea may not get enough support, the Speaker of the House has asserted her estimation that the plan was a shroud for the President's racial prejudices.

The President's proposed system for evaluating immigrants rests on restricting family-based entry while favoring more "merit-based" entrance of highly skilled or educated entrants.

To this, Pelosi made rhetorical remarks, asking whether the U.S. should be affixing green cards to diplomas of "scientists and engineers" as well as "graduate students" who are currently "training" in the country for them to stay on. However, she also said that was "not the point" there, it was that Trump did not "share the view" of former presidents Reagan and the "two Bushes."

The 49-year-old First Lady gained her permanent residency in the U.S. in the year 2001, and when she had gotten married to then-businessman Trump in 2005, received her citizenship. Only recently, last year, the First Lady's parents, Amalija and Viktor Knavs, also got their American citizenship with her sponsorship based on the family-centered immigration policy.

Last week, the 72-year-old President Donald Trump elaborated on his proposal in limiting migration into the country based on family ties while granting more visas for skilled immigrants.

He has pointed out previously that the changes would stop discriminating against "genius" and "brilliance."

But Pelosi, in her recent words, believes the President means something else entirely when he uses the term "merit." She warned saying that Trump means to "make" the United States "white" once more, and that entailed some people having to leave to "let in" those "we like."

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