Newly Discovered Herbs As Natural Alternative To Chemo, Experts Say

different herbs in a bowl
different herbs in a bowl (Photo: fotografierende/ Pexels)

Cancer is still considered as one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. Because of the need for treatment, medications, vaccines, and cures, experts have been working their best to generate enough information to discover something that could effectively combat it.

One of the most recent discovery experts found was the one conducted by a group of scientists from Mauritius in East Africa, Vladivostok, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

In their study, the group unfolds an amazing discovery-medicinal herb that can be found in the islands of Mauritius can be an effective and natural cure to treat several forms of cancer.

According to a post from Medical News Today, the island of Mauritius is located a bit far from the mainland. Given this reason, the island became a home to some amazing and unique arrays of animals and plants, which is almost impossible to exist in other parts of the globe.

The focus of the study is to gather more information about certain types of herb such as Acalypha integrifolia, Eugenia tinifolia, and Labourdonnaisia glauca. The results reveal how these herbs indeed have antitumor properties that can combat cancer cells.

The chemical compounds that were found in these herbs are said could activate the 5' AMP-activated kinase (AMPK) signaling pathway. Once activated, the body will be able to maintain energy even if it exposed to metabolic stress. This could eventually treat many chronic diseases, such as cancer.

"Mauritius Island is a treasure island of the global biodiversity," says Alexander Kagansky, one of the authors of the study and an expert in cancer epigenetics and chromosome biology. "About one-third of the local plants are used in traditional medicine, but there is still a lack of scientific evidence of their therapeutic potential," he added.

The experts behind the study, came up with their discovery after the group was able to put some extracts they've gathered from the herbs to two types of malignant cancer cells.

The results of the study showed how three out of five plant compounds have been effective in stopping the growth of these cells.

Meanwhile, despite lacking therapeutic claims, there are already several proofs of how nature has been a good source of traditional medicine all through these years.

As a matter of fact, even up to now, there are still claims how foods such as cinnamon, nuts, olive oil, turmeric, carrots, tomatoes, and soursop have been effective in fighting off not just cancer cells but also other health diseases, as posted by Health Line.

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