Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: Oga's Cantina, Guests' Favorite Go-To Hangout Spot

Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is finally open and guests now have their favorite go-to spots.
Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is finally open and guests now have their favorite go-to spots. (Photo: Costadelsolworldtravels/Facebook)

Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is finally open, and guests now have their favorite go-to spots. Surely, it is fun to ride the Millennium Falcon and build your lightsaber at Droid Depot, but nothing can match the joy you will feel when you relax at Oga's Cantina.

For some, Oga's Cantina is the happiest place on Batuu in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. It is the first place in Disneyland that lets the visitors chill out and enjoy a couple of alcoholic drinks. It is also the first bar that serves "interplanetary cocktails" like Jabba Juice and Yub Nub.

In Oga's Cantina, guests can form an alliance with smugglers and dance to the music of the droid DJ R3X or also known as Captain Rex, the pilot from Disney Parks' the 1980s ride Star Tours while enjoying your favorite drink - either alcoholic or not. However, visitors are only allowed to have two alcoholic drinks each visit.

According to USA Today, Oga's Cantina bears a combination of the classic Star Wars fandom and the modern interactive features of today. It carries the design of Mos Eisley's Cantina in the movie New Hope, complete with the dimly-light bar, booth seats, "hemispheric entryway, and blaster-bolt scorched walls."

However, it also has new features. It has captured swamp frogs that produce eggs for your Jabba Juice drink and toxic slugs that hang upside down that carry the main ingredient for Dagobah Slug Slinger beverage, which is a combination of tequila and Curacao.

There is also a mechanical bar that "runs on hyperdrive." According to Oga's Cantina's employees, when the power turns off, the music stops, and the lights go out. It will only turn on when a bartender cheers and hits the drink-making machine. When the power is back, everyone sings.

Only adult visitors are allowed to enjoy a drink at Oga's Cantina. Pop Sugar noted they have to show their IDs to have booze.

In the morning, they can enjoy a Spiran Caf or a Bloody Rancon. In the afternoon, Oga's Cantina starts to offer Fuzzy Tauntaun, Jedi Mind Trick, The Outer Rim, T-16 Skyhopper, Dagobah Slug Slinger, Jet Juice, Yub Nub, and Bespin Fizz until the evening.

Guests can buy a beer on tap for $12 and a cocktail with an Endor mug for $42. Oga's Cantina also serves a beer flight that comes with a souvenir board with Rancor teeth for $75.

Nonalcoholic beverages and coffee drinks cost around $6 for Hyperdrive punch and $32 for a drink with a Porg mug. Blurrgfire, a spicy, lemonade-based juice, costs $7 while Bespin Fizz, a tart and foamy rum, yuzu, and pomegranate beverage is priced at $17. You can order snacks and wines.

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