Apple WWDC 2019: Apple Carplay Gets Huge Update, Now Allows Multitasking

Meg Frost, Apple Director of Product Design, speaks about Maps during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose
Meg Frost, Apple Director of Product Design, speaks about Maps during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, U.S. June 3, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Mason Trinca)

Apple has announced the complete redesigned of the Apple CarPlay, its vehicle-based software in the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that started today. The Apple CarPlay gets a huge update including a larger screen, multitasking, and a more natural sounding Siri voice.

Apple has presented lots of interesting news, and big reveals for its products and software at the Apple WWDC 2019. Amongst which we find tvOS 6 changes interface and allow multi-users at the same time, iOS 13 night mode, the new macOS 10.15, new Mac Pro, apple maps but most importantly the Apple CarPlay update.

The newest version of the Apple Carplay has a much better look, abandoning that iPhone layout and growing a little bigger to be something that, this time, seems to be much more suitable for use while driving. Siri, Apple's virtual assistant that uses the driver's voice queries to answer questions and help out, was also improved and now have a more natural and less digitized speech with its updated text-to-speech system.

The biggest Apple Carplay update would be the multitasking function. With the latest multitasking update, many issues have been fixed, such as the amount of information displayed on the screen, has finally been reduced.

The home screen, which in the previous version consisted only of an application grid has been replaced, and can now display information such as maps, media being played, calendar or even controls for HomeKit devices to control their smart-home appliances such as garage doors, lights, and others.

The Apple Carplay is an important part of Apple's product line up as it offers the simple solution of recreating a simplified version of the phone's screen on the center screen of the car. There, the home screen is filled with selected applications such as maps that have been designed to work with CarPlay to be used to increase safety while driving and make navigation easier.

One of Apple Carplay's many uses is getting text messages and replying to it. That's one of the most important functions of these systems as text messages have become such an important part of communication today. By eliminating the distraction of texting while driving and allowing Siri to read the text and the driver using voice command to reply to it, the safety of the driver will be more assured.

It is yet to know if the new version of Apple CarPlay will also be compatible with older vehicles and which iOS versions will be supported, but the information should be shared over the next few days, so car owners can stay tuned.

Without a doubt, the changes in Apple CarPlay will put the platform a little closer to Android Auto in terms of user experience, seeing that Google's solution has long outperformed Apple's usability. Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto work with many new models from most major car manufacturers, but the latter one was preferred by more car manufacturers and drivers. This time Apple has the chance to advance.

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