Tesla Pickup Truck To Be Better Than Ford F-150, Price Starts At $49000

The logo of Tesla carmaker is seen inside a car at the Top Marques fair in Monaco
The logo of Tesla carmaker is seen inside a car at the Top Marques fair in Monaco May 30, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard)

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has taken advantage of his appearance in the Ride the Lightning by Ryan McCaffrey podcast to reveal new information about the upcoming Tesla PIckup Truck. According to Musk, Tesla's pickup truck will be a better truck than Ford F-150 in terms of functionality and a better sports car than a Porsche 911 in terms of speed and quality.

Tesla continues to work on its multiple projects with the aim of having a presence in numerous segments of the electric car market. While they continue to develop the expected Tesla Model Y and the Tesla electric truck. Musk has disclosed new information about its other project the Tesla pickup truck.

The CEO revealed that the Tesla pickup truck will no doubt point to the Ford F150, which is one of the most popular vehicles in the United States as its main competition. It is to remember the Tesla pickup truck is Elon Musk’s most favorite and most anticipated of all Tesla vehicles. And we can see why by the vision he has for the pickup truck as said in the podcast.

The Tesla pick-up will have the capacity to transport up to 6 people and a range of 640 to 800 km with a single load. It will have two electric motors that will give it an all-terrain capacity. It will equip a 240 V socket for heavy power tools and use its predictable power and torque to tow heavy loads. Apart from these characteristics, it is expected that Tesla is preparing a version focused on customers who will use the Tesla pick-up as a work tool.

Tesla pickup truck prices will start at $49,000 as Musk said he always wanted this to be below $50,000. This is far below the average market price for this type of cars within the segment of the high range, so it is expected to have that price advantage.

As for the design, the Tesla pick-up will attract the attention of some people, but will not lose the functionalities that are expected of this type of vehicles so versatile and successful in the United States. It is unlikely that the design will be the same with any of the current pickup trucks like Dodge RAM, Chevy Silverado and Ford F150 as Musk mentioned that the design would be like a truck from the film Blade Runner, thanks to its striking and futuristic design.

It is set to break some of the current conceptions for this type of cars, pointing out that what the company is looking for is a pickup truck that it is superior to a Ford F-150 in terms of functionality and better than a (Porsche) 911 in terms of design and speed of sports cars.

Since it will be a collection made by Tesla, consumers can expect all the standard things that the company is famous for. The first-class safety features, efficient drag coefficient, low center of gravity, and autonomous driving will likely appear in the Tesla pickup truck.

Everything seems to indicate that the Tesla pick-up will be presented sometime later this year.

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