Windows 10 Major Security Alert Like Wannacry Highlights The Need To Upgrade

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Michael Fortin talks to a delegate at the opening of the Microsoft Corp; Africa development centre (ADC) in Nairobi
Microsoft Corporate Vice President Michael Fortin talks to a delegate at the opening of the Microsoft Corp; Africa development centre (ADC) in Nairobi, Kenya May 14, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Stringer)

Security experts are encouraging Microsoft Windows 10 users to update their operating system with the most recent update rolled out by the company. This is due to the high risk of a potential security threat that could be as devastating as WannaCry. Microsoft revealed earlier this month that major security vulnerability could develop into a widespread wormable outbreak which disperses from PC to PC.

A similar security vulnerability was responsible for the WannaCry attack that happened in 2017 that caused global chaos. The attack affected the computer system of the NHS in the UK in 2017. With the recent security threat discovered, which does not affect Microsoft Windows 10 the Redmond-based company rolled out patched for older OS like Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

However, according to security experts, there are at least one million Microsoft Windows 10 systems that could be affected by the most recent security flaw. In one of the latest posts by Robert Graham of Errata Security, the vulnerability announced by Microsoft on its Remote Desktop product can develop into a strong and wormable exploit.

The security expert added that he tried evaluating the danger and discovered that almost one million devices are vulnerable to the exploit. In other words, if the worm strikes it is highly likely that it will affect those almost one million defenseless devices. Graham further noted that this could be as damaging as the notPetya and WannaCry from 2017 or it could far worse.

Microsoft's Security Response Centre Director Simon Pope who is in-charge of incident response said that it was just a couple of weeks ago when they released the patch to fix the security vulnerability and so far they have no knowledge of any complain or report of a worm attack. However, the director noted that it does not mean that Microsoft Windows 10 users are totally safe.

He highlighted that based on the events that led to the start of the WannaCry attack in 2017, the culprit is the inability of the users to apply the fixes for a security vulnerability in a timely manner. The director recommended that Microsoft Windows 10 users must update their OS as soon as possible to prevent these attacks from ever happening.

Pope added that there is a great chance that we might not be able to see the vulnerability integrated into the malware. This means that there is a need for users to run the most recent software updates and fixes. While Microsoft Windows 10 users get the latest support, older OS version like Microsoft Windows 7 no longer receive this kind of support.

Microsoft will roll out the last security update and support to users of Microsoft Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. After that, PC running on this OS will be more vulnerable to attacks. Microsoft encourages users to move to Microsoft Windows 10 to avoid issues that could no longer be solved because the support is no longer available.

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