Magic: The Gathering on Netflix
Netflix is releasing a new animated series soon. And it is an adaptation to the famous card game, "Magic: The Gathering." (Photo: MagicTheGathering/Facebook)

Magic: The Gathering is a very prominent and well-known card game since 1993. And today, the game is turning 26 this year. As a celebration to the almost three decades of success, Netflix welcomes the card game as a new animated series in their material offerings.

By and large, there were already several attempts in the previous years into adapting Magic: The Gathering as an animated series. And the most recent one was from 20th Fox Century during Game of Thrones. But due to unknown reasons, the plans for the aforementioned adaptation was canceled.

Earlier this month, there were reports and claims that the famous card game will finally come as an animated series. But it is only a few days ago that these reports were confirmed. And based on the interviews of several key people behind the adaptation, Magic: The Gathering is officially coming to Netflix as an animated series.

This confirmation made a lot of people happy and excited. And the excitement had become so much more apparent when it was confirmed that the famous Russo brothers would be the executive producers of the upcoming series.

As you may know, Anthony and Joe Russo are the great Marvel Cinematic Universe directors behind Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and other MCU films. And having them as the frontrunners who will make this card game a reality in the form of an animated series adds more hype and eagerness for the show's arrival.

This is why a lot of credible sources, like Forbes, claim that Netflix's Magic: The Gathering will be the next geek hit on the streaming giant. With its 20 million apparent players and followers in recent times, it is very much expected that the series will be largely anticipated by both young and adult audience.

But while its arrival is already imminent and confirmed, there are no new updates yet about its actual release, premise, and other details about the series. For all we know, Magic: The Gathering will still feature its main wizards called the Planeswalkers along with their magic and spells as well as their fantasy world filled with various creatures.

Also, it has been already revealed that Octopie studio will oversee the whole production. According to the Octopie CEO, the upcoming series will come across various genres, including thriller, suspense, drama, and horror.

Also, the characters will be fully and "deeply developed" in the sense that they are unnaturally seen in most animated series today, the studio CEO, Isaac Krauss, concluded.