Blindspot Season 5
"Blindspot" has been renewed for its fifth and final season. What will happen now? (Photo: NBCBlindspot/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for Blindspot Season 5.

Blindspot Season 4 has finally concluded not long ago. And based on how it actually ended, it left the fans in the total dark as huge cliffhangers were dropped. Not to mention, there are several questions that need answering about the characters and plots.

But while the fans and followers of the show have no other ways to find out the answer to these queries today, (but to theorize and speculate, of course) Blindspot Season 5 is now officially renewed and confirmed.

Accordingly, the reports and speculations about its cancellation can now be dismissed. And ultimately learning about the next and succeeding plots is now much more possible.

If you would recall, a lot of NBC series lovers are worried previously that Blindspot might get cancelled. This is actually because the remaining episodes of the fourth season, including especially the season finale, were all removed from the so-called NBC May Sweeps.

And being pushed outside the May Sweep schedule has become a negative thing, somehow, for most of the fans. This is why most of the fans have become very eager about its renewal updates.

Fortunately, NBC announced recently that Blindspot will be renewed for a new season. However, it will already serve as the last and final installment of the show. Hence, all of the story arcs and plots will then start to conclude and wrap up.

The plot of the upcoming season will definitely pick up where it last left off. And if any viewer would recall it, it seemingly appears that someone might have met his or her imminent demise. But as to who this character could be, there are no further details yet.

But even so, it is worth noting that the people who faced the explosion were Jane, Patterson, Weller, Zapata, and Reade. So, someone from this group is revealed to be possibly written off to give way for a “celebratory” finale.

The “celebratory” finale is somewhat cryptic. There are actually theories that state that the final season might end in a happy twist. Others, however, take these statements the other way around. But ultimately, it has been mentioned that the characters will be honored along with their respective arcs.

In addition to these details, the executive producer of Blindspot, Martin Gero, further unveiled that the start of Season 5 will have a definite jump in time. And based on his words, the plot will continue two months after the explosion that happened during the fourth season finale.

As for the actual release date, it has been foretold that Blindspot Season 5 might arrive in between 2019 and 2020.