'Frozen 2' New Poster Reveals Interesting Details About The Upcoming Film, Sequel Might Explain Elsa's Powers

Frozen 2
A new Japanese poster for "Frozen 2" includes a possible hint about the plot of the sequel. (Photo: DisneyFrozen/Facebook)

The long wait is almost over as Frozen 2 is now less than six months away. New promotional materials are becoming more apparent these days as the actual premiere date fast approaches.

But aside from teasing the fans and the viewers about the upcoming film, these promotional materials almost always give hints and clues about the plot and setting. And quite interestingly, it seemingly appears that Frozen 2 just did it.

Just a few hours ago, Disney released a new international poster for the sequel. And to be more specific, this poster is meant for the Japanese audience.

Looking at it for the first time, you would notice Elsa and Anna moving forward towards you. But while checking all the details of the poster, it appears that there is a Japanese question written beside the two main characters.

For direct translation, the Japanese characters can be read as, "Why was Elsa given powers?" And from this straightforward question alone, any fan could already deduce a lot of things about the story and plot of the sequel film.

By and large, Frozen was released in 2013, which equates to six years of waiting. From this span, the fandom has already come up a lot of speculations and theories about the things that could and would happen in the sequel. And this is even without posters, promos, teasers, and updates about the film.

Accordingly, having these kinds of teasers and materials today dramatically increase the number of theories and speculations on how Frozen 2 will go. And quite on point, there are already assumptions circulating the media in just a few hours.

Based on the opinions of the mass, many believe that the upcoming sequel will tackle how Elsa got her powers. This is in consideration of the fact that no one knew why, when, where, and how she got her ice powers. Hence, these speculations are plausible premises that could happen in Frozen 2.

Aside from these thoughts and ideas, there are notions as well that Elsa and Anna might find the truth behind their parents' death. And this is plausible too as the official synopsis largely reveal that the two sisters, along with Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven and will be out of Arendelle for an unknown yet challenging journey.

But even so, these things will remain as mere theories and assumptions. And one can only be sure once Frozen 2 drops in theaters on November 22 of this year.

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