Shrek 5
Will still there be "Shrek 5"? The fans are now losing hope as another year reaches its imminent near end without details of the show. (Photo: Shrek/Facebook)

The last addition to the Shrek franchise premiered way back in 2010. With the title that goes, Shrek Forever After, the fourth film in the series was previously speculated as the last and final installment to the show. Of course, this saddened a lot of people. So when reports about Shrek 5 came in the circulation, the reports and theories about it never stopped.

These speculations and reports about the fifth film in the franchise started in between 2014 and 2015. And based on the words of several prominent individuals in the film industry, they have largely hinted that Shrek 5 was already in the process of completion. This is why many have hoped that the new sequel will finally arrive in 2016, six years after the fourth Shrek film.

However, the years 2016 up to 2018, no Shrek 5 has been found. Even confirmations and hints from the Shrek production and team are non-existent. And the only thing that most of the fans take into account is the fact that Eddie Murphy, who plays the role of Donkey, revealed in one of his interviews that there would be a new addition to the Shrek line of films.

Of course, being one of the lead characters in the film makes his words more trustworthy since he does belong in the internal production. But even so, it is worth remembering that even the artist himself is not 100 percent sure about the status of the fifth film. So, assumptions and theories about the upcoming Shrek film are very difficult to believe in and take account for.

Not to mention that there are also reports last month that Shrek 5 will finally arrive in May. But then again, the month has already passed, and no further updates have been given to the mass.

Accordingly, many are now doubtful that there will be a Shrek 5 anytime soon. As it appears, there are also people today who no longer participate in discussions about the supposed sequel to the franchise. And this makes sense considering that there is a huge scarcity of information about the said film.

Hence, there is no way for one to be sure about its arrival certainty and status. So unless otherwise stated or showed, the supposedly fifth film in the Shrek franchise will remain as a mere report and speculation made by the fans and consumers.