'GTA 6': Popular YouTuber Shared Extensive Analysis Why Rockstar Is Delaying The Game

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With the E3 2019 fast approaching, gamers and fans of the much-awaited sequel to the highly successful franchise by Rockstar Games, are discussing the future of GTA 6. Speculations have it that the upcoming title might be announced during the E3 event this year. While the game developer has been quiet for quite some time, a popular YouTuber recently shared a comprehensive analysis based on the statements of Rockstar Games founder Dan Houser on why the game is not yet announced.

On his YouTube channel, YouTuber ChampChong took a comprehensive look at when Rockstar could possibly release GTA 6. The YouTube channel has almost a million active subscribers and ChampChond made this as his medium in discussing the reason why Rockstar Games is delaying the release of the much-awaited title based on the statements of its founder Dan Houser as well as on the past game releases pattern of the popular game developer.

The popular YouTuber explained that since the PlayStation 2 the gap between the preliminary unveiling of a GTA title and its subsequent launch has grown wider. Based on its most recent launch of a GTA title, the gap between the announcement of GTA V and its official release is two years. So, according to the YouTuber, even if GTA 6 is announced this year, it is highly likely that players will have to wait for 2021 or 2022 to get their hands on the game.

As to why Rockstar Games has not yet announced GTA 6, ChampChong noted the previous statements Dan Houser, Rockstar Games founder. It can be recalled that before 2018 ended, the founder said that it is not yet clear what they would do with the highly anticipated title. Aside from the possibility of people would get upset at what the game developer would come up with, the founder pointed out that extreme conservatism and extreme liberal progression are both militant and angry making it very hard for them to satirize.

The founder added that some of the things in the game are beyond satire that could get outdated in just a span of a couple of minutes because everything is just rapidly changing. The popular YouTuber underlined that the founder was referring to the political landscape and that Rockstar would like to go to something similar to how things are done at South Park where something is developed within 3 days or one week and then airs it on the TV.

However, the YouTuber continued that the present environment would simply not allow it and Rockstar is afraid that the story of the game might be obsolete long before the player finishes the entire game. So far, with the way things are going, whatever Rockstar Games plans for GTA 6 remains to be seen. Fans, however, are hopeful to hear more about the game on E3 2019.

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