'Destiny 2': Shadowkeep Expansion Datamined; Cross-Save Rumor Confirmed; Game Coming To Google Stadia

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Dataminers recently stumbled upon the next game expansion of Destiny 2 titled Shadow Keep. Meanwhile, the recent rumor about cross-save has been confirmed and a current leak suggests that the game is coming to Google Stadia. (Photo: DestinyTheGame/Twitter)

Dataminers recently uncovered from the latest update rolled out to "Destiny 2" an image hidden in the pile of files. The datamined image revealed the Shadow Keep expansion that will soon be released to the game. Additionally, the rumor about the cross-save feature of the game is recently confirmed while talks of the game coming to Google Stadia currently excite many fans.

Datamined Game Expansion

Since Bungie and Activision Blizzard parted, "Destiny 2" has been receiving updates from its game developer Bungie. So far, the updates are seasonal and players are getting bored of the mundane routine. However, if the latest datamined details are correct, players will soon enjoy another Forsaken-level expansion titled Shadowkeep.

The image bears the logo of "Destiny 2" and comes with important details. This includes information about the next chapter of the game. It describes the upcoming expansion to be a new Destiny experience that will be released in the Fall of this year.

It talks about the frightening shadows that inhabit the forgotten moon. The datamined image also encourages players to go back to the lunar surface and explore the mysterious citadel of the enemy to become monster slayers.

Cross Saves Datamined and Confirmed

In addition to the upcoming expansion of "Destiny 2," dataminers also uncovered evidence of cross saves coming to the game. Cross saves will enable players to the PC and later transferring it to their consoles or vice versa. The information was later confirmed by Kotaku writer Jason Schrier. The game writer shared that he has also heard that the cross saves feature in "Destiny 2" is currently in the works. However, he noted that Sony and the PlayStation 4 might not be on it.

Google Stadia

Jason Schrier also revealed that several sources told him that "Destiny 2" is one of the games that will be announced for the latest gaming streaming service of the search engine giant, the Google Stadia alongside "Ghost Recon Breakpoint." Google live stream will begin on June 7 at 9AM PT or 12 PM ET. Bungie's schedule will be an hour after the live streaming kicks off. Fans can watch Bungie at 10AM PT or 1PM ET.

Google and Bungie will have their presentations a few days ahead of the highly anticipated E3 2019 event. Will Google launch "Destiny 2" tomorrow during their live-stream presentation? That is yet to be seen but it appears that the details revealed by Kotaku writer Jason Schrier could be accurate.

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