The new Huawei Mate X device is seen during a pre-briefing display ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
After the unexpected delay and some minor hiccups along the way, Huawei is finally releasing the Huawei Mate X Foldable phone this October. (Photo: REUTERS/Sergio Perez)

Earlier today, Huawei shows off its soon to be released Huawei Foldable Mate X in a speed test. While the company is not the first to launch a foldable phone in the market, it is the first Huawei mobile device to feature a 5G modem. The Foldable X recently stole the limelight from Samsung when it unveiled its foldable device during the MWC 2019 event overshadowing Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was launched several earlier.

Huawei is showing an indomitable spirit amidst the latest crisis it is facing in terms of massive product bans in the US. Today, the company shared the score of its upcoming device dubbed as the Huawei Foldable Mate X in a 5G speed test. The images revealed the impressive capability of the device in terms of speed.

The Huawei Foldable Mate X reached the download speed of 1 Gbps on 5G with an upload speed of almost 100 Mbps. The speed score is on par with other competing devices' speed on 5G networks. In fact, there were several 5G tests in the pasts conducted by devices such as Moto Z3, Samsung Galaxy s10 5G, and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G.

But, what sets the Huawei Foldable Mate X apart from these phones is that it does not come with a 5G modem from Qualcomm. Instead, it depends on the company's very own Balong 5000 chip to achieve 5G connectivity. The test was conducted at the Shanghai Research Institute using China's Unicom 5G network while the images were shared online by He Gang, Huawei's head of smartphone division.

The other noticeable detail clearly shown in the recently shared images is the not so smooth display of the Huawei Foldable Mate X. The reflection on the screen even shows distortion. This is probably the area where the screen folds, which will become more distinguishable with apps that have dark or black backgrounds. But, this will not be a problem if the screen does not malfunction like that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The Huawei Foldable Mate X is not the first device that the company will launch to feature a 5G modem. In fact, the Chinese tech giant already unveiled the 5G of the Huawei Mate 20 X in some markets. What this simply means is that the Huawei Foldable Mate X will be among the first foldable device to back 5G networks when it gets released in the market.