Prepare for the Storm.  Downtime for update v9.20 has started.
Epic Games rolled out today Fortnite update 9.20, which contains bug fixes, a new button, and a new weapon that contains a powerful storm that players can throw to the enemy or to shield themselves. (Photo: Fortnite/Twitter)

Epic Games, the game developer behind the successful battle royale game Fortnite rolled out today the latest update of the game, the 9.20 build. The latest update will fix many issues and to balance the game, it removed the Hunting Rifle and increased charging time of the Boom Bow. More importantly, it introduced a new powerful weapon that players will surely enjoy.

One of the interesting things about the increasingly popular battle royale games like Fortnite is that no two battles are different. Arbitrary generation assures players that different players and various weapons spawn in different in-game locations. also, the storm area in the game moves in arbitrary patterns forcing gamers to develop a new strategy in every match to make sure that they remain in the proper areas prepped with the right gears to survive.

The latest update rolled out to Fortnite provides players more control in some of the randomnesses in the game. Epic Games announced today the Storm Flip, a new throwable item that produces a zone that could serve as a safe area from the storm or create storm damage to opponents. According to Epic Games, this latest item is in the chests, floor loot, and purple vending machines. The Storm Flip will appear for 30 seconds and then it will vanish.

Since Fortnite's Storm Flip is closely associated to the value of the deployed in-game storm, it could become a valuable weapon that could weaken the whole team during late-game skirmishes. It could also be used to help player revive teammates that are down without the risk of taking massive amount of damage.

Meanwhile, the Fortnite update version 9.20 removes the hunting rifle and increases the charging time of the Boom Bow. There are also several tweaks made to the supply drones located in the hot zones that now drop lesser explosive and sniper weapons.

Fortnite players can now downloate update 9.20 following the delay. The game's server maintenance is scheduled to run for a couple of hours today. According to the patch notes released by Epic Games, the update will introduce Sword Fight LTM.

In addition, players can now use the undo purchase button when buying choice in-game items. The only bad news that update 9.20 brings that upsets some Fortnite players is the removal of the Hunting rifles. Epic Games also said that audio, spinning blades, and pink ring turn off in the late circles to lessen confusion. It will also help players to achieve a clearer visual guide especially for those who want to use them.