Sandara Park Shares How She Secretly Dates, Did 2NE1 Singer & BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Break YG’s Dating Ban?

Did Dara secretly date G-Dragon?
Did Dara secretly date G-Dragon? (Photo: Sandara Park, G-Dragon/Instagram)

Sandara Park surprised everyone with her honesty about her dating life. The 2NE1 star appeared as a guest on MBN‘s variety show Hun Man Jung Eum, where she revealed that she has only ever dated celebrities when she debuted.

The 34-year-old singer, actress, and television presenter has been heavily shipped to G-Dragon for a long time. Since the BIGBANG star is obviously a celebrity, did this mean that there’s a possibility that DARAGON is or was real?

“I made my debut when I was 20, but since then, I have only dated celebrities,” Sandara Park said. “Most of them were the same as me (singers). When you go on music broadcasts, you exchange glances, and things just happen naturally from there.”

With her busy schedule, the show’s MC’s wanted to know her secret for dating. “There are up to 100 singers at the year-end award ceremonies. It’s fun during Christmas, the end of the year, and the New Year. And the important thing is to share that time with your [group] members,” she shared. “If you don’t want to get caught, the trick is to meet up in a car or have ‘cyber love.’ Also, [we] don’t eat together or order delivery. I just starve.”

K-pop idols don’t normally announce to the public that they’re dating someone. Not only will the fans be devastated by it (unless they have been wanting the pair to be a real-life couple for a long time), but it could even affect their careers if their supporters didn’t like their partner.

This is the reason why G-Dragon and Sandara Park’s love lives were never openly talked about to the public, leaving fans to guess who they are dating. Although the 2NE1 singer didn’t mention any names in the interview, many were hoping that one of those celebrities she dated was the 30-year-old singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion icon.

Unfortunately for the DARAGON shippers, Sandara Park and G-Dragon were never an item. Dara explained that she sees G-Dragon more like a brother than a potential boyfriend. And even if she finds the Big Bang singer to be boyfriend-material, they are not allowed to date due to YG Entertainment’s infamous dating ban between artists.

As for her being single for a long time, Sandara Park shared that she has gone lazy with her love life and she’s not putting any effort into looking for a boyfriend. She had not been romantically linked to anyone throughout her career. Although Dara’s love life appeared to have plateaued, she revealed that she had been dating.

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