5 Best Restaurants In Davao City That Will Serve You Authentic Filipino Cuisine

Aside from its famous tourist spots, Davao City also boasts authentic Filipino cuisine and good food.
Aside from its famous tourist spots, Davao City also boasts authentic Filipino cuisine and good food. (Photo: blugrecoffeeofficial/Facebook)

Davao City is known for its cleanliness and strict city ordinances to keep the place clean and neat. Located on the southern island of Mindanao, it is the Durian Capital of the Philippines, and the best town to visit if you want a relaxing vacation.

But aside from its famous tourist spots like People's Park, Crocodile Park, Philippine Eagle Center, and Mount Apo, among others, it also boasts authentic Filipino cuisine and good food. So if you want to fill your tummy and taste buds with distinct flavors that you can only find in this place, here are the best five restaurants you can find at this first class highly urbanized city.

Marina Tuna Restaurant

Davao City is also known for serving the freshest seafood in town, especially tuna sourced directly from General Santos City. At Marina Tuna Restaurant, it serves tuna in 10 ways.

Marina Tuna Restaurant makes sure it will use every part of the tuna and turn it into sumptuous dishes, so nothing will be going to waist. Here, you can enjoy tuna sashimi, tuna kinilaw, tuna eye sour soup, grilled tuna belly, crispy tuna tail, and tuna roe. Even if it's cooked, you can still taste the freshness through the dish.

Blugre Coffee

According to Trip101, Blugre Coffee is a homegrown coffee shop that pioneered the coffee culture in Davao City. In 1998, the year it started, it introduced the very first durian coffee, not just in town but in the Philippines as well.

With the abundance of durian in the city, it managed to concoct a drink that blends the perfect cup of coffee and durian pulp. The coffee's distinct smell helps masks durian's strong aroma. Blugre Café also has its own version of durian cheesecake, which is another way to introduce durian to people who don't eat it.

Kaonanan sa Tribu K'Mindanawan

Kaonanan sa Tribu K'Mindanawan offers a different kind of dining experience by showing a cultural show while serving guests with local delicacies. Here, diners can watch artistic performances, showcasing the indigenous dances of the tribes from Mindanao.

"Kaon" means eat in English and it serves the star dish "sungka," which has six different meals, served on a long, wooden platter that has six holes and can be shared by six people. Kaonanan sa Tribu K'Mindanawan also serves crocodile meat.

Balik Bukid

Balik Bukid is famous for its "Bahay-Kubo" setting. It is a nipa hut used by native Filipinos and tribes. The place serves rice in different ways, giving diners a unique experience. You can have your rice in brown, blue, which is cooked with Ternate Flower, or yellow, which is prepared with butter, turmeric, and bell pepper.

Balik Bukid only uses chemical-free and direct-from-the-farm ingredients. You can even see their staff picking the ingredients they needed for your food fresh from its farm-like garden, per Davao Base.


Another famous restaurant in Davao City that serves authentic Filipino food is Rekado. It will give you a dining experience by serving you home-cooked meals like it is from your mother's kitchen.

Rekado has the look and design of a contemporary setting but serving classic Filipino comfort food. From the word "rekado" or ingredient in English, every meal is enhanced with only fresh ingredients from the local markets.

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