Taylor Swift New Album Limited Edition Merchandise Receives Backlash After Typo Error

Taylor Swift New Album
"TS7" limited edition shirts have typo. But some fans think that this is yet another clue from Taylor Swift. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

A few weeks after the release of ME!, Taylor Swift has also dropped several pieces of her new album's merchandise. Of course, the theme of her recently released merchandise follows the same palette that she is using on her music video and social media posts - bright pastel colors with touches of pink, purple, and blue.

Naturally, the whole Swifties fandom was very excited to get a few pieces from her limited edition offerings. And even if they come with a hefty price, their adoration for Taylor Swift and her music comes first.

But a few weeks after the release of these merchandise items, several fans have noticed that there is a huge typographical error printed on the shirts. And instead of using the proper form of you are, which is you're, the shirt's prints read "your'e."

When a fan blatantly posted this on her social media account earlier today, various consumers of Taylor Swift new album's merchandise followed after. And surprisingly, all of the sold shirts come with the same prints.

Some fans got very expressive about their disappointments, considering that the shirt costs $50 per piece. Others, however, made fun of it instead of sharing negativities on social media. But what made it more surprising is when a few of the fans speculate that this might be another TS7 Easter egg that Taylor Swift administered for the upcoming release of her album.

This is a possibility, though. There are some die-hard fans that find this as a fascinating move made by Taylor. However, not everyone finds it a justifiable reason for the obvious typographical error. And having a $50-worth of "Easter egg is not cute" as per some actual buyers of the merch which is very much understandable.

As of the time being, this huge revelation about the TS7's limited edition merchandise has caused a tremendous commotion and backlash in the online world. But still, there are no words heard from Taylor Swift yet and even from her spokesperson. And as it appears, many are waiting for her explanation about the matter considering that she has been very vocal about several things inside and outside her upcoming seventh album.

While some people think that the ME! artist will no longer speak about this concern, others hope that she would in the days to come. This is because it will surely have an impact on her album once it drops before 2019 ends.

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