Trump Tactics Changing The Way The World Interacts With US

The threats of US president Donald Trump to impose tariffs on Mexico and other countries has been a part of how he handled his administration's foreign policy. According to the National Public Radio, this has been one of the many ways he changed how US interaction is being viewed on the world stage. 

President Trump had been telling Mexico to slow down the flow of immigrants into the US or suffer the consequences. Reports have come in that the president is confident of the deals that come through courtesy of the threats, whether it's about nuclear weapon proliferation in North Korea, or a similar trade tariff dispute with the Chinese.

Trump has been successful so far, boldly claiming that China is open to make a deal. Japan, according to the president, is following suit as well. The "threat diplomacy," according to reports, is what essentially happened with Mexico and, according to the US president, Mexico agreed very nicely with what he wanted, or else, the border wil be "closed down."

Trump did not close down the aforementioned border wall at the time. However, only a few weeks back, the president was at it with his threats again. The US president came down hard against Mexico ahead of their bilateral immigration talks. According to CNBC, these talks were directed towards stopping US imposed tariffs on Mexican goods that will take effect next week.

The US president took to Twitter on one of his famous tweets. He revealed that Mexico will be sending a big delegation for the talks about the Border. He made clear his idea that the country had been "talking for 25 years." The US president then made it clear that what he and the US wanted was more action, less talk.

His announcement affected markets badly. These markets, in turn, were the ones already affected by the ongoing trade dispute between the US and China. Major indexes closed down with a decline of more than 1%, while the S&P 500 suffered a 6% decline for the month. The meeting between Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo next week is a much-awaited one because of this fact.

Some analysts have said that there is a method to the president's "tactics." They cited president Richard Nixon, who practiced the "madman theory" of foreign relations, making other countries wary that he may do something extreme. It is a rather risky way of doing things because of miscalculation but, in Donald Trump's case, it appears to be working.

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