MacGyver Season 4
"MacGyver" Season 4 will return with all-new plots, sets of villains, and series regulars possibly before 2019 ends. (Photo: MacGyverCBS/Facebook)

It has been a month ever since MacGyver Season 3 concluded. And just right before the final episode wrapped up, it has been already announced that the hit reboot show is returning for a new season.

Although there are no details yet as to when will the new season arrive, there are already speculations that Season 4 will premiere on September. This is just a hunch by many of the fans since this is the most viable schedule that the show could return.

But even so, it has been already revealed that filming of the new installment will push through this summer. So, if all things fall to its schedule, then it is very much possible that MacGyver Season 4 will arrive this September or before 2019 ends.

Aside from these details, there are a lot of speculations and theories about the series' characters. As it happens, there will be an all-new villain in the new season of MacGyver. He has been already introduced during the last few moments of the third season. And it seemingly appears that MacGyver has already found his nemesis that will further be elaborated on Season 4.

Along with the new nemesis that will surely be a recurring character to the series, a new series regular has been confirmed recently. Levy Tran, who plays the role of Desi Nguyen, is now a series regular on MacGyver Season 4.

Levy Tran first entered the cast of the show during the second half of the third season. Her character was introduced after the series co-lead actor, George Eads, who played the role of Jack Dalton, left the show for some reason.

During her introduction, there were already speculations that she might replace Jack Dalton's place in MacGyver's life. Although there were no direct indications throughout the third season, it has been confirmed now that her character as Desi will continue to go side-by-side with MacGyver.

This is great news for the fans of the show. And this is all because Desi has become one of the fan-favorites. So when the network and production have endorsed the news of her character status promotion, it made a lot of fans even more eager to watch the all-new season of MacGyver.

So far, these are the only updates given about the show's new season. And if ever Season 4 will truly arrive in September, then there is a huge chance that trailers and other promotional materials will be released after summer.