Taylor Swift New Album Might Assume Top Rank Among All TS Albums, Critics Believe Otherwise Per Reports

Taylor Swift
Will "TS7" be as powerful as "Fearless" and "1987"? Some fans believe so, but critics think contrarily. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

As of the time being, the most recent album that has been released by Taylor Swift is Reputation. In November of 2017, her sixth album was dropped after three years of waiting since 1986 which became her most successful album.

However, there were a lot of controversies that happened with Reputation. And it looks like that the sweet girl that everyone has known ever since the time of Love Story is no longer around. Instead, the fans and the public saw a whole new side of Taylor along with her scaley and dark theme.

Unfortunately, there were no words heard from Taylor after the release of Reputation. She held on to her decision that she will remain silent and let her "reputation" speak for itself. And for more than two years, the only thing that everyone got from the artist was her dark album. So far, Reputation has become the least favorite album by many fans and listeners of Taylor Swift's music.

But things are changing, and it seemingly appears that the bad girl is now returning to her home. Taylor Swift is changing the scene of her music and album, and many of the fans are glad to know that the Reputation era is over.

To date, 1986 and Fearless are the best albums that she has released. The music and theme caught the attention of many and ultimately placed Taylor Swift at the pedestal. And when her unnamed seventh album resembles the theme and genre of the original Taylor that everyone knew, many of the Swifties are claiming that TS7 might be the next best in line.

As it happens, this is very plausible as the hype and excitement over the upcoming music is very much obvious and apparent. With the help of her genius plan, specifically her "Easter eggs" and sets of clues, the so-called TS7 has become her most-awaited album in recent times.

Others, however, see Taylor Swift as an artist who is now irrelevant. Many reports and sources blatantly shared that the point of her current and incoming music is now lost, considering that her Easter eggs have become the main and focal point of TS7.

Also, the generation today has become so much more attached to the much newer artists and musicians like Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X which became very obvious as ME! was not able to beat the tracks of these artists on charts.

But while these things are also possible, the leadoff single of Taylor Swift's TS7, ME!, remains to be one of the most successful tracks that Taylor has released. So, unless the seventh album drops anytime soon, one would not know whether it will top the charts or not since the music industry has become so much more fluid and volatile these days.

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