'Child's Play' Drops New Trailer, Poster Featuring Mark Hamill's Voice And Another 'Toy Story 4' Character

"Child's Play" will be hitting the theaters the same day "Toy Story 4" will be out.
"Child's Play" will be hitting the theaters the same day "Toy Story 4" will be out. (Photo: Orion Pictures)

The most sinister doll, Chucky, will return to scare every kid in town in Don Mancini's newest installment Child's Play. Orion Pictures has dropped the film's official trailer, teasing the toy's new voice, the Star Wars icon Luke Hamill, and a poster that killed another Toy Story 4 character.

Child's Play will be hitting the theaters the same day Toy Story 4 will be out. The movie remake has been regularly poking fun at the classic animated film series, and Buzz Lightyear is Chucky's latest victim.

According to Comic Book, the Child's Play poster had to do some tweaks to Buzz Lightyear's design. However, it could be seen that he was the one who was lying dead with his broken helmet off, while Chucky was pointing his smoking gun on him.

Child's Play series of posters that include Toy Story 4 characters seems to be an indication that the movie series will not let anybody mess with Chucky - not even toys. The film's previous posters also showed the sad fates of Woody and Slinky Dog when they crossed paths with the notorious serial killer doll.

The latest installment to the slasher film series will follow the story of a mother, Karen (Aubrey Plaza), who gives her son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman), a new toy doll for his birthday. However, she is not aware of the danger it brings and its "sinister nature."

Child's Play director Lars Klevberg revealed the 2019 version of Chucky would be an "out-of-control" robot and not the usually possessed doll viewers used to see since the movie franchise started in 1988. The film has six sequels, and the most recent one was the 2017 Cult of Chucky.

Meanwhile, USA Today reported Hamill would be the voice of Chucky in the upcoming reboot. "Are we having fun now?" he asked the frightened Andy in the first sneak peek of the movie. The doll was originally voiced by Brad Dourif.

Just like a lightsaber in the Star Wars film, Andy swings a baseball bat that knocks down a few boxes while he looks for Chucky. However, the doll continuously laughs as he cannot find him.

In the trailer, fans can hear Hamill as Chucky's voice, but his new look has yet to appear. As it bears the title peekaboo, it looks like fans still have to find him in theaters when the movie comes out on June 21.

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