BTS’s Jin & Suga May Not Join World Tour In 2020, Boys Are Ready For Military Enlistment

BTS may not be able to continue as a seven-member group starting next year.
BTS may not be able to continue as a seven-member group starting next year. (Photo: BTS/Instagram)

There’s no denying that BTS is on a record-breaking spree. But even though they’re on a roll, their success and superstardom will soon come to a screeching halt since some of the older boys are set for their military service.

The oldest member, Jin, who is turning 27 years old (international age) this year, will be 28 next year and will most likely have to enlist in the military. As for Suga, who is currently 26 years old, it may be difficult for him to join BTS’s global schedule after the latter half of next year considering the planned global awards ceremonies, world tour schedules, and duration of stay.

But while fans are not ready to let them go yet, the boys seemed to have accepted their compulsory duty. Back in April, BTS shares their thoughts about military enlistment through CBS Sunday Morning Interview. Jin said that as a Korean man, it is natural for him to serve the country, and when duties call, he would be ready and prepared to enlist.

Male South Korean citizens between the ages of 18 and 28 are required to serve time in the military. Active duty soldiers serve 21 to 24 months in South Korea, depending on the branch.

With that being said, it is estimated that Jin would have to enter the military by 2020, Suga by 2021, RM and J-Hope by 2022 and so on. As a result, BTS may not be able to continue as a seven-member group starting next year due to Jin and Suga‘s inevitable mandatory military service.

Although the military service is not a life-long commitment, BTS was also asked whether they’d be worried about drifting away and going separate ways when the moment comes. JungKook commented that he did not want to think about it at that point.

RM then shared that currently they are focusing on what they have and living in the moment. “We just enjoy the ride. Live in the moment. And that’s all we can do,” the BTS leader said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism visited the Military Manpower Administration last month with a military service exemption proposition in relation to BTS and other K-Pop idols in their situation, but the Military Manpower Administration did not provide much response.

Some assume that the Military Manpower Administration would probably feel pressured about changing the law as it has only been just over a year since the military laws have been revised.

Whether the BTS boys will be exempted or not, ARMYs will support them on or off the entertainment spotlight.

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