Project Scarlett: Microsoft's New Console With AMD Ryzen Core Pits Against Sony PlayStation 5

The first and the latest...(CC BY 2.0)
The mighty 'The Duke' controller from the first batches of the Original Xbox and the "Xbox Wireless Controller", the latest version (introduced in 2016) of the Xbox One gamepad.(CC BY 2.0) (Photo: Diego Torres Silvestre/Flickr)

At the E3 2019 Briefing, Microsoft announced it latest next generation console dubbed as the Xbox Scarlett or Project Scarlett. The latest console sports unbelievable specs and outrages features. According to Microsoft, the highest-performance and the most powerful console they have ever designed.

Specs and Features

The Xbox Scarlett or Project Scarlett boasts a wide assortment of enhanced specs that will enable gamers to play their favorite titles without the stress caused by lading times. The next generation console is expected to arrive in the holiday period of 2020, which means it could be released any time before the year ends. Beyond the name Project Scarlett, Microsoft has not yet revealed the official name of its latest console.

During their E3 event, Microsoft reveals that Xbox Scarlett or Project Scarlett will have a powerful processor four times more powerful than that of Xbox One X. It will include a solid state drive storage, which is 40 times better than the current Xbox unit. Moreover, the hardware of Xbox Scarlett will enable for never-before-seen framerates and resolution capable of outputting 120 frames per second at 8K resolution.

Gearing for PS5

Just like Microsoft, Sony, has been pointing out the hard drive of its next generation console. The Japanese tech and electronics giant argues that the massively increased speed to write and read to the drive will enable games to function far more quickly. And, it appears that the announcement of the Xbox Scarlett or Project Scarlett was triggered by Sony's fairly imminent release of its much-awaited PlayStation 5.

Over time, Sony has been telling fans that their next generation console will make sure that gamers will get unambiguous and clear information about the PlayStation 5 directly from the company and not from third or fourth hand information. Even before it was even revealed, online sites, fans, and gamers have been speculating about Sony's upcoming console showing off some of its rumored parts that are still in the development process.

The Xbox Scarlett will definitely set a new level for console prowess, performance, and speed. It will be released alongside "Halo Infinite" in 2020. The upcoming console will come with a custom-designed AMD processor, next-generation SSD or solid state drive, and high bandwidth GDDR6 memory. Additionally, Project Scarlett will provide game developers the power to bring their visions into reality.

Phil Spencer, introduced Project Scarlett describing it as the most powerful and highest performing console Microsoft has ever designed. It was developed for creators to unleash to the fullest their creative visions, and optimized for gamers to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. 

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