Brock Lesnar Did Right Decision To Stick With WWE Says UFC Prexy

Brock Lesnar has taken a more active role with the WWE and it looks like UFC president Dana White is down with it. In fact he believes, the Beast Incarnate made the right move. However, it also means that the 41-year-old former UFC champion is done with the mixed martial arts promotion.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, White mentioned how Lesnar was simply not “All-In” fighting in the UFC and that he made the right decision focusing on the WWE. Unfortunately, this also means that all hopes of dream fights involving Daniel Cormier and Jon “Bones” Jones have gone down the drain.

"You have to be ALL IN on fighting and if you're not all in, then you shouldn't fight," said White. "He made the decision and it's the right decision."

As far as the WWE is concerned, Lesnar may not be champion but is expected to be busy in the coming months. After winning the 2019 Money in the Bank briefcase, the Beast Incarnate can easily become champion moving forward. And if the current script is any indication, it looks like he has his sights on the Universal title currently held by Seth Rollins. So the only question now is when he will cash in.

If one is to factor in the history of cash-ins, this normally takes place at big events such as Wrestlemania. But the key thing to note here is that Lesnar doesn’t really need such a privilege since he can easily punish and outmuscle anyone holding a WWE title.

At WWE Super Showdown recently in Saudi Arabia, Lesnar had that golden chance when Rollins was facing Baron Corbin. Already physically punished, Paul Heyman spoiled the cash-in when he accidentally dropped the MOTB briefcase as he was entering the ring, said.

Seeing how Lesnar’s chances of becoming champion via the Money in the Bank route is easy, it cannot be discounted that he could waste the opportunity. Although it is a rare occurrence, Rollins could turn the tables on the former WWE champion if scriptwriters will it.
As far as the UFC and even if White says Lesnar is done, the possibility of seeing the Beast Incarnate at some point remains a possibility. Other UFC legends like Chuck Lidell and Tito Ortiz tried that, testing if they still had what it takes to compete in the cage. Lesnar, seeing the pride and competitive nature inside of him, could pretty much do the same.

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