Kate Middleton and Prince William
Avid followers of Kate Middleton and Prince William still think that they are endgame amid the unending divorce rumors. (Photo: TV News 24h/YouTube Screenshot)

Kate Middleton and Prince William divorce rumors continue to spread online even after their lawyers have made it clear that these are all made-up. Reports about the Royal pair's supposed plans to split broke after it was claimed that the elder brother of Prince Harry cheated on her wife with Rose Hanbury.

Previous suggested that William and Rose had seen each other behind the back of the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate, allegedly, considered Rose as one of her closest pals. However, the two Royal women are "no longer tight" after the infidelity rumors spread like wildfire in the world wide web.

There were, also, claims saying that Kate Middleton asked Prince William to remove Rose Hanbury from the Royal circle. It was even reported that the mom of three broke down and cried a lot after she learned about the, supposed, affair. Though a few still think that Kate and William's marriage is going to end soon - just like what happened to other Royal couples before, some fans suggested that they are likely to stick to each other because of their three children - Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1.

"A royal marriage is the not the same as marriage in the law generally. A royal couple does not have to conduct a relationship, whereas in the law generally, you can divorce your spouse if they pay no attention to you... So Kate and William would not have to divorce if they themselves had fallen out," a certain Frederick Crouch wrote on Quora. He added that palace officials could recommend a divorce should there be no enough money to pay for Kate and William's current positions.

Another fan suggested that it is very unlikely for Kate Middleton and Prince William to divorce since the latter knows how it feels like to be a product of a failed marriage. "How do I know this? Because an affair tore apart his family leading to his parents' divorce, which led to Diana dating a guy who took her on a date with a drunk driver at the wheel, causing a chain of events leading to her death," Deanna Eppers suggested in the forum.

Meanwhile, besides the never-ending divorce rumors, speculations about a possible fourth pregnancy have been hounding the couple for quite some time already. New Idea reported that Kate is "set to announce that she is pregnant" very soon. However, during an event in Ireland, Royal reporter Robert Jobson asked if there is truth about these pregnancy reports.

"Baby number four?" the sister of Pippa Middleton, reportedly, told Robert while chatting to the crowd. "I think William would be little worried!" the Duchess of Cambridge added. Based on her statement, it can be concluded that the Royal couple has no plans on having another child as of yet. Thus, avid followers of the pair should take these pregnancy rumors with a grain of salt. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Kate Middleton and Prince William!