Park Hyung Sik
Park Hyung Sik enlists for mandatory service (Photo: Documentary)

After starring in successful Kdramas like Hwarang, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Suits, ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik has quietly enlisted in the military. The actor entered the Nonsan Army Recruit Training Center in South Chungcheong Province on June 10.

According to a report by Soompi, Park Hyung Sik will train at the Nonsan Army Recruit Training Center for five weeks before he is deployed at the Capital Defense Command. The Kpop star turned Kdrama actor will become an active duty soldier in the military police department.

In a recent guesting with MBC's Real Men, Park Hyung Sik revealed that he was inspired to join the Capital Defense Command after he received positive feedback for his shooting skills while training for the show. The actor said that he wanted to put his skills to good use, so he is excited to join the unit and be of service to his country.

Park Hyung Sik's fans don't need to despair too much with his enlistment though. Before he entered the military, the actor leaves his supporters with a final gift as he completed filming Juror 8, a movie that revolves around ordinary people taking on the role of jurors in a controversial criminal case.

Park Hyung Sik joined the cast to play the role of Kwon Nam Woo, who, along with his fellow jurors are compelled to seek out the truth of the case to give justice to the victim. The film is an interesting choice for his first film because the movie is based on the first Korean jury trial in 2008. Juror 8 is expected to hit Korean theaters next month, Hello Kpop reported.

Before his enlistment in the military, Park Hyung Sik received a lot of praise for his portrayals in his last three Kdramas. The actor showed his versatility as the rightful king Ji Dwi Rang in Hwarang. He also portrayed the charismatic role of a genius CEO of a gaming company Ahn Min Hyuk in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon opposite Park Bo Young, whom he was linked to secret dating rumors because of their strong on-screen chemistry. Park Hyung Sik also delivered in his role as genius law undergrad Go Yeon Wo in the Korean drama adaptation of US television series Suits.

Korean males are required by the government to undergo mandatory service as part of their civic duty. Actors and singers like Park Hyung Sik are not exempted from serving 21 - 24 months in the different military, police of civil offices.