'Ink Master' Season 12 Features 'Battle Of The Sexes,' Episode 2 To Reveal 'Season-Long Twist'

"Ink Master" Season 12 features an equal number of male and female tattooists, so competition will be tighter.
"Ink Master" Season 12 features an equal number of male and female tattooists, so competition will be tighter. (Photo: inkmaster/Facebook)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ink Master Season 12 Episode 1 and 2 that may spoil your enjoyment in discovering its plotlines. Read at your own risk.

Ink Master Season 12 is now on the air as Episode 1, titled "The Ink Will Speak for Itself," begins the "Battle of the Sexes." It is the first time the show has an equal number of male and female tattoo artists, so expect the competition to be tighter as there will only be one best tattooist to win. So what will happen next in Episode 2, titled "A Storm Is Brewin'."

Ink Master Season 12 Episode 1 showed the mentors, and the hopefuls started to battle. The premiere episode introduced the new contenders as they took their first challenge for the season.

"Team leaders emerge in a shocking new season-long twist that sends the Artists a wake-up call and shakes up the competition," Ink Master Season 12 Episode 2 official synopsis read. "The Battle of the Sexes continues for $100K and the title of Ink Master."

In an interview with executive producer Glenda Hersh, she discussed Ink Master Season 12. In the new season, Hersh told TV Insider they make sure they are always introducing new elements and surprises to keep everyone ready for what may happen. It is the reason she sees why viewers keep on watching the show aside from introducing new artists with amazing talents.

In Season 10, Hersh introduced the theme of "Return of the Masters," while they revealed "Grudge Match" in Season 11. In the new installment, their concept is "Battle of the Sexes," featuring a battle between male and female tattooists. Every theme has new dynamics and competition structure.

Sausage, who was a contender from Season 4 and 7, told Inked Mag the show was mostly male-driven. So, Ink Master Season 12's "Battle of the Sexes" would reveal how strong women are, and the world of tattooing is not only for men. What fans are about to see this season is something new that they have never seen before.

Jime Litwalk from Season 3 and 7 added the challenges are more difficult and the competition is tighter, so anyone who will make it until the end will surely deserve it. The show usually introduces a great batch of new tattoo artists that no one knows of. They are the underdogs who are trying their best to be known in the business.

Ink Master Season 12 Episode 2, "A Storm is Brewin'," will be out on Tuesday, June 18. It will be continuously seen on Paramount Network.

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