iOS 13 Will Help Prolong Your iPhone's Battery Health With Optimized Battery Charging Feature

Stacey Lisik, Apple senior director of OS program management, speaks during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose
Stacey Lisik, Apple senior director of OS program management, speaks during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, U.S. June 3, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Mason Trinca)

A lot of iPhone users have had problems with their phone's battery life, but with Apple's new iOS 13 operating system coming out later this year, that issue appears to have a proper solution. Your iPhone now has a feature that preserves its battery health.  

Batteries have a certain age after which they just stop functioning at their full capacity. This means that your phone or tablet won't stay awake for long as it used to on day one, and if you have an iPhone then you will suffer performance degradation too in order to make up for the lost battery health. Apple even added the Battery Health feature in iOS so you can have a clear look at where you stand in terms of 'battery damage' over time. With iOS 13, Apple is taking things up a notch with a new feature called Optimized Battery Charging. 

The folks over at Apple-tracking site Cult of Mac have been taking iOS 13's beta for a spin and found this innovative feature baked into the operating system's Battery Health menu.  

Optimized Battery Charging can be found in the Battery Health section of the Settings app. "To reduce battery aging," the description reads, "iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it." And by doing so, it can extend your battery's lifespan. 

In other words, if you plug your iPhone in overnight (as many of us do), it will no longer zip straight to 100% and sit at full capacity for hours while you sleep. Instead, it will charge up to 80% while you're sleeping and then finish charging the remaining 20% an hour or so before you wake up. Keeping your iPhone at 100% capacity while plugged in for hours at a time is bad for the battery, so with iOS 13, your battery may end up lasting longer. 

iOS 13 comes with other amazing features once its officially rolled out. A favorite among the new features is the new system-wide Dark Mode that people have been wanting for the longest time. There's also a new call filtering feature that eliminates spam calls, a new secure Sign in with Apple feature, and support for swipe typing on the Apple keyboard. Other than those, there's still a lot of other smaller iOS 13 features waiting to be discovered.  

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