Galaxy Note 10 Isn't Getting The Battery You Wanted

A Samsung employee arranges the new Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphones at a press event in London
Samsung employee arranges the new Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphones at a press event in London, Britain February 20, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Henry Nicholls )

We have heard the reports claiming that the Galaxy Note 10 will deliver Samsung's battery charging tech yet at an impressive 45W. This hasn't been confirmed by the company itself, but nobody could fan out the flames especially when a leak showing an unannounced Samsung charger was spotted in the documentation the company filed with a South Korean regulatory body. It only made people believe all the more that the company is indeed preparing a 45W charger launch. 

However, here is a new report that could maybe kill the hopes of many Samsung fans out there. It looks like Samsung is definitely working on 45W fast charging for upcoming phones, but the Note 10 won't be one of them. 

xda-developers' Max Weinbach said on Twitter that according to his source, the Note 10 will have 25W charging, while the Galaxy A90 will get the new 45W charging standard. 

At present, the Galaxy S10 5G is one of the few Samsung phones with support for charging speeds of at least 25W. Bumping the Galaxy Note 10 charging to 25W is still an upgrade over last year's 15W, but it's not a match to what competing flagships can do. There are other Android phones right now that could hit up to 55W, a feat that Samsung is yet to accomplish.  

Meanwhile, there's been a change of strategy in Samsung's way of introducing its smartphones. The South Korean giant decided to use mid-range phones to introduce brand new phone features rather than the Galaxy S and Note series. The Infinity-O display found on the S10 series as well as the multi-lens cameras were first available on Galaxy A-series smartphones. 

Debuting faster battery charging tech on a Galaxy A phone fits that strategy. Then again, fast battery charging is a highlight for other Android flagships, from several notable Samsung competitors including OnePlus, Oppo, and Huawei. 

Then again, these are all but rumors, and we'll have to wait for Samsung's final say on the matter. Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 10 in early August, which means we'll soon learn everything there is to know about the phone. You know, from the avalanche of Note 10 leaks that's going to hit in the weeks preceding the launch. 

Samsung's always used its Galaxy Note to showcase its latest mobile innovations. Whereas its Galaxy S phones are designed for most "regular" consumers, the Note phones tend to cater towards users who require more productivity features. So in spite of it all, we still believe this year's Note 10 should be no different. 

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