We're happy to announce that we'll be releasing FinalFantasy VII Remake on March 3rd. finalfantasyvii will be the official FF7R channel
Square Enix announced that “Final Fantasy VII Remake” is coming on March 2020. But, with the current time frame of the game's development and progression, fans are worried that the other episodes will not be finished and will just end up in limbo. (Photo: Final Fantasy/Twitter)

"Final Fantasy VII Remake" has been making headlines long before Square Enix confirmed and announced the game. After the E3 2019 event, it has become clear that the game is finally releasing next year. However, there are some details that the fandom worry of concerning the upcoming title. Among these is the possibility that the game might end up in limbo because of the developer's time frame for game development and progression.

Multi-part Release Structure

During the announcement of the release window of "Final Fantasy VII Remake," many fans are expecting that the game developer, Square Enix, will shed more light to several questions about the game. However, most of these expectations were unmet. One of the concerns that seem to have been downplayed by the game developer during its recent announcement is on the episodic release of the game.

Because Square Enix did not mention anything about the episodic release of "Final Fantasy VII Remake" some fans assumed that it has reconsidered the multi-release structure and have chosen to release the full game all at once. While it may sound exciting, this assumption is unfortunately not true. The highly anticipated remake of the classic Final Fantasy game will remain a multi-part or episodic release.

The confirmation came following the PlayStation State of Play where the developer officially debuted "Final Fantasy VII Remake." The reconfirmation was in Japanese text and was posted on the official website of the game developer. The translated Japanese text re-affirmed that since Square Enix is reworking the majority of the content of the original game, it needs to have an episodic release.

First Episode Details

The first episode or first game of "Final Fantasy VII Remake" will be released in 2 discs. According to the game's official press release, the first game will take place in the eclectic city of Midgar. It will present a totally standalone gaming experience that offers a great starting point to the entire series.

From that statement, it is clear that fans can expect that the two discs will be all about Midgar. In the original game, Midgar was just 5 percent of the game and it tool players 30 seconds to defeat the Scorpion Boss. In the recently revealed gameplay, it took 10 minutes to fight and overpower the Scorpion Boss.

With Square Enix earlier announcing that the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" will be a six-part game, fans are now worried that the game could end up in limbo. There are some speculations that it will take more than a decade for all the installments to wrap up and be released. Other fans worry that Square Enix might use the episodic release to test the gamers' reception of the game to fund its succeeding episodes, and if it sells less, it will not continue its development.