Kim Hyung-jun Is Cleared Of Alleged Rape, Immediately Resumes Activities With Japan Tour In July

Kim Hyung-jun
Kim Hyung-jun (SS501) at the press conference of KBS's My Shining Girl on January 4, 2012 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0/

Kim Hyung-jun has been cleared of the sexual assault charges.

According to the Ilsan-Dongbu Police on June 11, the charges have been dropped due to insufficient evidence. Police said, "After an in-depth comprehensive investigation of the statements and circumstances from both sides, we have concluded that there is no sufficient evidence to prove the sexual assault suspicions."

Kim Hyung-jun  was suspected of sexual assault after 'A' filed a complaint alleging that she was raped by Kim Hyung-jun  at her home in Goyang City in late March.

Kim Hyung-jun denied the allegations during investigation saying "it was sexual intercourse by mutual consent" and planned to sue for defamation. Because of the allegations, he also had to stop all military activities to undergo investigation.

After the police conclusion, Kim Hyung-jun plans to resume activities immediately with a tour in Japan in July drawing attention. As for the alleged victim 'A', she has filed a counterclaim against the police's conclusion and will continue her suit.

Following are comments from Korean netizens:

[+1,052, -244] We need to be careful of kkotbaems...

[+490, -52] We really need to revise our laws. More than one person's life is ruined when people negligently claim they were r*ped.

[+207, -29] We seriously need laws against people that wrongfully accuse others because they're celebrities~

[+70, -10] Jung Joon Young was cleared of the charges too...

[+78, -33] There's no evidence to prove it because it was a long time ago...Jung Joon Young got away like this too...Hul they know it too well~~

[+34, -14] This is how Jung Joon Young got away...

[+32, -8] As someone in my 20s who feels suicidal and is depressed everyday because I was r*ped, I really want to destroy all the women who falsely report a sexual assault. They let these criminals get away and we're treated like liars..

[+15, -0] It's simple...don't have sex with someone you aren't dating..

[+6, -2] Didn't Jung Joon Young close his investigation by agreeing to give the girl money...?

[+5, -0] She's not an ordinary woman..she's crazy on SNS too..

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