Windows 10 May 2019 Update Ready To Install: Important Things To Know
Microsoft is releasing the third batch of Windows 10 Cumulative Updates. (Photo: Windows Community/YouTube)

The latest batch of Windows 10 updates, known as Patch Tuesday, has started streaming out in clockwork precision, and existing versions of the operating system will be bumped up to higher builds across the board. Version 1903 that was delivered via the May 2019 Update, for instance, will bear the build number 18362.175 following the installation of cumulative update KB4503293.

Most notably, the security fix will prevent the pairing of Windows 10 systems with unsecured Bluetooth devices, thus disallowing the likelihood of unauthorized connection or possible breach. Microsoft said the problem is perceived to arise due to the discovered misconfiguration in the Bluetooth pairing protocols.

With such an opening, attackers will be able to access and freely interact with the key, which Microsoft has now prevented from happening by blocking the connection. Other vulnerabilities too have been resolved with the latest pack from Microsoft, which is the first since Version 1903 was rolled out a few weeks back.

As mentioned, the new patches will update as well older Windows 10 versions like in the case of Version 1809 that will go up to build 17763.557 with the absorption of KB4503327. Version 1803 of the OS, which Microsoft issued on April 2018, will become build 17134.829, courtesy of KB4503286 update.

The new round of Patch Tuesday will cover all Windows 10 versions as far back as the original release that Microsoft debuted in the summer of 2015.

However, it's important to note that Microsoft's latest patching up move does not include feature upgrades as cumulative updates have been largely focused on dealing with known and freshly emerged bugs and security issues.

According to Microsoft, the June 2019 security updates will patch a total of 88 vulnerabilities across all Windows versions and builds. Of these holes that have been plugged, 21 were treated as critical that required the highest level of attention, ZDNet reported.

They include four of the zero-day exploits that security researcher SandboxEscaper has called attention to last May, the report said, adding that none of the vulnerabilities were known to have been utilized in malware attacks despite being in the wild for weeks. And this applies too on all the vulnerabilities that the latest Patch Tuesday has addressed.

Like in previous releases, the June 2019 Patch Tuesday is configured to download and install automatically depending on the PC setting. Users though can manually trigger the process by heading to Settings and then tapping on Security & Updates.