Opera GX Wants Gamers To Ditch Google Chrome For Optimal Gaming Experience

Opera GX Unveiled For PC Users Who Want Optimal Gaming Experience
Opera has released the Opera GX web browser that is designed for users to experience optimal gaming. The Opera GX boasts of a resource limiter feature that allows users to control processor and RAM use while browsing the internet. (Photo: Photo: Opera)

Even with a gaming rig that lacks premium hardware specifications, optimal gaming is possible, and as seemingly suggested by Opera the first thing to do is to switch web browser, that is dump Google Chrome in favor of the new Opera GX. Apparently, this latest Opera creation does not hog precious PC resources.

As opposed to the notoriously RAM-hungry Chrome, the Opera GX is a lean and mean browsing instrument, apart from its dark-dominated gorgeousness, that promises two things. First would be the same or even better web surfing experience. Second and the most important thing, the Opera GX can be active on a PC but it will remain always ready for gaming no matter the inside components.

That's because the Opera GX has a resource limiter, a custom feature that empowers users to restrict the browser's access to a system's processor and random access memory or RAM. As things stand now, the same is not available to users of the regular Chrome edition or the original Opera browser for that matter.

This core feature of the GX, according to Opera, will give the freedom for gaming fans to have fun while playing on their PCs and exploring the web at the same time. And this true for users who want to run a game and keep an active browser all at once, which to date is not possible for Chrome that is on PC with limited resources.

"Before Opera GX, gamers often shut down their browsers to not slow down their gaming experience. We came up with the GX Control feature to make people's games run more smoothly without requiring them to compromise on what they do on the web," Opera was reported by ZDNet as saying.

It's quite obvious that Opera's latest effort with the GX release is designed to pose a serious challenge on the industry-leading Google Chrome. And it might be that "releases like this get Opera's name back in the news and can help to drum up interest," The Verge said in a related report.

Indeed, it's highly likely that the Opera GX will catch attention thanks to new features that certainly pique the interest. One is the browser's integration with Twitch that permits logging in on the streaming service via the GX.

Other integrated services include Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and this means direct access to online subscriptions without leaving the Opera GX architecture. And within the same environment, users get to enjoy the usual plethora of free Opera services such as ad blocker and VPN.

The Opera GX too can be personalized like its looks can be adjusted to users' preference although the dominant black and red theme is a constant. So with its feature-rich offerings, it's quite real that the Opera GX is a migration destination for browser users that have been hunting for a tool to complement their gaming-centric lifestyle.

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