BMW Promises Fast, Efficient Car Repair With Use Of AR, Smart Glasses
BMW said car repair services on its dealerships will speed up by 75% starting on June 2019. The carmaker will make use of artificial technology and smart glasses in aid of regular car maintenance and repair. (Photo: BMW Blog)

The BMW logo is synonymous to luxury and convenience but it is in the latter aspect that the German carmaker appears to be focusing on lately. In line with this, the company's latest innovation is tipped to make ownership of BMW motor vehicles as comfortable as possible with the big help provided by augmented reality and smart glasses - both cutting edge technologies.

The plan by BMW is that by the end of June 2019, car troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs will be aided by newly developed systems called Technical Information System TIS 2.0, the Technical Support & Research Assistant TSARA and the new TSARAVision Smart Glasses. The goal is for car technicians to do their job with increased efficiency and speed, and for BMW car owners to experience quality service.

"These three will allow the technicians to gain faster access to technical information and make their life easier as a whole," the company said in a blog post.

Customers too are ensured of a short visit on a BMW dealership as the company vowed that "by solving issues faster, BMW dealers can get customers back into their cars sooner."

The company is estimating that with the deployment of the diagnostic and repair systems, BMW car owners in the United States will have a brief stay on authorized repair centers. The usual maintenance and service times will be cut back by up to 75 percent when all three becomes operational.

For instance, TIS 2.0 gives BMW technicians direct access to a database that will allow them to probe and solve problems that plague vehicles with complicated technology in place. "TIS 2.0 puts all of the technical data for every BMW and MINI model at every technician's fingertips," Future Car said in a related story.

And as a powerful complementing tool this system, the TSARAVision Smart Glasses will be made available to all BMW dealerships in America. When in use, the smart glasses will allow remote connection with BMW experts and engineers, who in turn can help deal with a given situation in real time.

In addition, the TSARAVision Smart Glasses will bring to the technician's vision the drawings, images, and documents that pertain to the problem at hand and all of which can be prompted via voice command. That would mean a technician working on a car can get remote assistance totally hands-free.

"TIS 2.0, TSARA and the TSARAVision Smart Glasses are great examples of how we are applying new technologies to help BMW technicians work more efficiently and further our commitment to offer the best possible service experience for BMW customers," BMW said in a statement.

It is noteworthy that BMW's smart glasses technology is not exactly new. It can be said that this is the same Google Glass technology seen earlier that has now found a practical use, according to CNET.