Melania Trump Upcoming Feature By CNN ‘Woman Of Mystery’ Earns ‘Ridiculous’ Criticism

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The upcoming CNN feature on the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, Woman of Mystery, earns "ridiculous" as well as "insulting" criticism on social media ahead of release.

The said documentary feature, Woman of Mystery: Melania Trump, is yet to air Friday on the news channel, and already, CNN's FLOTUS reporter is beset with controversy. Twitter users have resorted to airing their indignation at Kate Bennett, the correspondent who covered the feature and plugged the production via a tweet Monday.

Bennett issued an invite to social media users, asking them to "please tune in" to the nonfiction special coming out on June 14 at 9 pm. She even mentioned she had put some effort into the making of the aforesaid piece.

Now her tweet has been beset with contentious comments, most of which were skeptical as to what it had to offer on the subject. One tweet countered saying that, even though Bennett "worked hard" making it, there was "not a chance" the Tweeter user (@mkuwabee) would tune in to "this nonsense."

Another (@LauraCarter) said "no thanks" and asked that someone else, she pointed out, who was "worthy of respect" be given the attention. Still another tweet suggested doing "better" and voiced an opinion that Woman of Mystery should not even be "ascribed" to a FLOTUS.

One more user questioned the use of the appellation and included a link to another account which had enjoined social media users to retweet a clip of an interview of the First Lady along with a comment naming Melania as a "birther" and a "hypocrite."

The video was of an interview ("Married to 'The Donald'") of the First Lady Melania late last year on the Joy Behar Show in November where she mentions the former U.S. President Barack Obama and what the host of the show, Behar, referred to as the "birth certificate obsession."

This particular point was of significant interest to Twitter users, with many making references to the issue. One asked Bennett to tell her (@soledadobrien) whether she had asked Melania in the soon-to-air special on "being a birther."

Echoing this, @MidwinCharles expanded on the same topic, clarifying whether the aforesaid documentary had answers on whether FLOTUS had "thought" about how her questions on Obama's birthplace would affect the former president as well as family.

At the mention of the Obamas, another tweet made a comparison between Melania and the former FLOTUS. This particular comment inquired on "what exactly" Melania had accomplished that was worth talking about. In contrast, it complimented Michelle Obama on her "many accomplishments" as well as being an "EQUAL" partner "in her marriage" who was not only one "amazing mother," but someone worthy of emulation.

Still, one more user was even more expressive of the suffering that would ensue in having to watch the documentary, rather preferring to attend an "appointment" that could not be waited for, ostensibly a "root canal" minus the "anesthesia."

In a sneak peek into the upcoming presentation, the mother of one had been called "reclusive" and "old fashioned" as a wife. Woman of Mystery: Melania Trump will showcase interviews with those who work closely with the First Lady Melania, including her press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, and the White House political consultant Kellyanne Conway.

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