Britney Spears Is Apparently Constantly Concerned About People’s Opinions Of Her

Britney Spears Is Apparently Constantly Concerned About People’s Opinions Of Her
Britney Spears is reportedly too concerned about people’s opinions of her and struggles because of it. (Photo: britneyspears/Instagram)

Just recently, an insider reported that Britney Spears is constantly worried and concerned about what the public in general think of her. The pop sensation is said to be struggling a lot because of how much she cares about other people's perceptions of her.

The "Oops... I Did It Again" singer has previously been spotted with her current love interest, Sam Asghari. The singer has been having some fun in Miami with her significant other. However, she reveals that changing locations often or trying to go places where no one knows her name, is still hard on her and her mindset, saying that regardless of where she goes, it never really does get any easier for her.

Moreover, a recent video featuring the 37-year-old singer and performer was posted online. In the video clip, Spears was trying to prove that a previously leaked photo of her in a bikini was Photoshopped to make her look about 40 pounds heavier.

She says in the video that, the photo, leaked by merciless paparazzi, was taken a day prior. In it, she also tries to show off her body, which looks nothing like that body on the flabby woman in a yellow bikini. Spears says that was the bikini she wore for her boat ride trip on that day the photo was allegedly taken.

A dozen of fans have concluded that, from the video, the American singer is overly concerned about what people think of her at all times and how stressed she becomes about every bad rumor or piece of gossip tossed her way. Some say it was far from an overreaction because the singer is just genuinely worried about her reputation and her body since her physique is also part of what makes her career.

She feels pressured to look good all the time. But right now, what she needs is to continue with getting the help she needs and not feeling as though every eye is fixated on her and how she is the focal topic of scrutiny and gossip by people.

The insider then went on to elaborate that, as of now, Spears is a little bit unstable, and her emotions fluctuate so much. This might explain why she is constantly concerned and worried about what other people think about her. Her parents and doctors say that, although she is improving, attacks like this from the paparazzi or tabloids may cause her recovery to cease.

She has also been reportedly dealing with bouts of insomnia. Her team of doctors is doing the best they can for her to overcome this.

The pop singer also recently took to social media to slam the rumors about how other people are controlling her accounts and to address the matter of her conservatorship battle. She also shuns all the drama about the trending hashtag #FreeBritney among her supposed fanbase. 

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