'Dark' Season 2 Trailer Hints Time Watching Jonas, Showrunner Reveals Season 3 Renewal

Netflix has dropped a new trailer for "Dark" Season 2 and Season 3 renewal news.
Netflix has dropped a new trailer for "Dark" Season 2 and Season 3 renewal news. (Photo: DARKNetflix/Facebook)

Netflix has dropped a new trailer for Dark Season 2, teasing a more mysterious scenario for Jonas (Louis Hofmann). After being pushed further away to the future, Michael (Sebastian Rudolph) and Hannah's (Maja Schöne) son is about to witness a more dystopian wasteland due to the apocalypse that is about to come.

Dark Season 2 is expected to dig deeper into the show's mystery. Hence, there may be new complications to come that Jonas has to face.

Although the trailer only runs for 43 seconds, it successfully makes everyone feel how intense Dark Season 2 will be. "If you could reach into the clockwork mechanisms of the world, could change the switches, to which day would you travel?" a voice can be heard saying to Jonas, while different scenes of events are playing.

"If it's what I think it is, it will change our understanding of the world forever," a woman said. A guy also warned Jonas that time is always with him, and it sees and hears everything he does and says. Another one added time travel exists.

From the looks of it, Dark Season 2 will be all about Jonas' time travel and explorations. It may also delve into the fact that anyone who will be in the "time-space continuum" will have no control of their situation.

Meanwhile, ahead of Dark Season 2's release, the show has been renewed for Season 3. However, it will be the final installment of Jonas' mysterious time travel.

Showrunner Baran do Odar confirmed the news on Instagram, saying the show would officially return for its third and final outing. "And it's official! We are working on Dark Season 3," he captioned the snap of the Season 3 Episode 1's script.

Odar revealed they only had three seasons in mind to finish Jonas' journey ever since they developed the series. He also revealed Dark Season 3's production would start in four weeks time since he posted the snap, so it might begin at the end of June or in the first week of July and would be out in 2020.

He then thanked Netflix for trusting them to do and continue the series and all of the Dark fans in the world. So from the looks of it, Dark Season 2 will set the stage to the end when Jonas returns to the small screens. The new set of episodes will be out on June Friday, June 21, on Netflix.

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