BTS's RM May Have Worn Something Provocative On Stage

Fans claim he was wearing a male thong!
Fans claim he was wearing a male thong! (Photo: BTS/Facebook)

BTS’s fans love everything about the boys that they dissect every little thing that they see on stage. So when ARMYs noticed that RM appeared to be wearing a thong on stage, they went wild!

Despite his layered ensemble, RM (Kim Nam-joon) had a wardrobe mishap. The BTS leader was giving his all in one of their performances last year that his shirt accidentally tucked out at the back, revealing the band of his underwear.

Fans started to search online the exact underwear that RM was wearing at the time, and the result gave them a mini heart attack. The BTS rapper appeared to be wearing Versace’s latest season collection that included the Greca Border underwear or the Medusa Head underwear.

While that sounded to be just a catchy name for the popular brand, it is a jock strap! So imagining RM wearing a jock strap on stage indeed led fans to hyperventilate.

As if the thought of RM wearing a jock strap is not enough, a fan zoomed in on the photo, and it appeared to have shown a glimpse of the BTS star’s backside. The fan simply captioned the post, “THE SKIN,” adding a hand emoji on the pic pointing to RM’s behind.

While fans were still picking up their jaws on the zoomed version of the snap, a picture of RM from another angle just ruined everyone’s fantasy. This time, it wasn’t just the band or the “skin” that was visible, but the printed pattern of the underwear. This angle of the photo would have exposed the BTS singer’s butt if he was wearing a jock strap.

As it turned out, RM was most likely wearing the Barocco Istante Print briefs and not the Greca Border jock strap. This discovery makes a lot of sense as the BTS star was doing a lot of dancing on stage, and wearing a jack stop would have been a little uncomfortable for him.

Although they are mostly known as the hottest K-pop boy band right now, BTS has quickly become a fashion icon as well. As if the brand needed more publicity, it is quite expected that RM's Versace underwear will be selling out like hotcakes after these photos emerged online.

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