Taylor Swift New Album Might Release New Single Collaboration With Katy Perry After Declaring Peace

Taylor Swift New Album
The feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is now over. Does this mean they would collaborate for "TS7"? (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

It seems that things are going well for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. And the feud that started many years ago has now ended. The Part of Me singer has posted an Instagram photo last night that largely confirms the end of their disputes.

Before June commenced, there are already speculations that Taylor and Katy are starting to become friends again. And this had become more apparent when Taylor Swift released a playlist on Apple Music called Playlist By ME! that features all of her favorite tracks.

When it was initially dropped, there are only a few songs included. But just after a few days, most of the fans have noticed that Taylor added Katy Perry's recent single, Never Really Over. Accordingly, a lot of people followed the social media movements of the two artists and, surprisingly, it has been uncovered that the former enemies are now getting in touch through there Instagram posts.

With these things at hand, the speculations are becoming much clearer. So when Katy Perry recently posted the cookie photo with the words, "Peace At Last," the former theories about the two becoming friends again has now become official.

This surprised a lot of people. But while most of the fans are still in shock, the majority of them are now theorizing that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry might be doing a collaboration for the upcoming TS7.

It is not impossible. And when the fans further analyzed the photo that Katy posted, it seemingly appears that there are several clues that largely state so.

As it happens, the photo of the cookie plate looks like being taken inside Taylor Swift's kitchen. Many of the avid fans pointed out that this is actually inside Taylor's home.

Also, many of the reports today claim that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has been spending a lot of time together. Accordingly, critics in the industry suggest that this could already be a tell that a collaboration might happen between the two artists.

It is also worth noting that in one of the Unconditionally singer's Instagram stories, there is this one place that she featured during the clip. And according to the whole Swifties fandom, the place is actually where Taylor wrote her single, King of My Heart.

So, it is not unlikely that the two will soon release a collaboration. And surely, the fans of the two parties will love this if ever it truly happens.

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