'Snowfall' Season 3 Episode 1: Franklin Getting Addicted To His Business

In less than a month, "Snowfall" Season 3 Episode 1 will hit the small screens.
In less than a month, "Snowfall" Season 3 Episode 1 will hit the small screens. (Photo: SnowfallFX/Facebook)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Snowfall Season 3 Episode 1, titled "Protect and Swerve," that may spoil your enjoyment in discovering its plotlines. Read at your own risk.

In less than a month, Snowfall Season 3 Episode 1 will hit the small screens. Fans will once again see Franklin (Damson Idris) and the empire he is trying to build, but it looks like he is getting addicted -- not into drugs but to his own business.

A lot is about to happen in the premiere episode. Franklin and Cissy (Michael Hyatt) plan to invest in the community, while Andrew (Marcus Henderson) is figuring out what is destroying it, per CarterMatt.

Jerome (Amin Joseph) will also open his new business in Snowfall Season 3 Episode 1. A new cook on the streets will be introduced and will compete with Franklin's crew. Lastly, Teddy's (Carter Hudson) operation in Mexico will become more complicated.

Franklin craves power and influence now that he is building his empire. Despite his illegal activities, he is looking for a way to pay it forward.

The premiere episode may begin with a positive note that may go down the hill due to the coming of a new crew and a threat that may affect the business. It may either be because of the cops or a new dealer crossing the jurisdiction.

Although fans may see Franklin struggling in Snowfall Season 3 Episode 1, it will help him eventually grow. However, his actions may end up pushing everyone away, including the ones he loves.

FX already dropped the official trailer for the show's debut episode. "Something's happening in my neighborhood. Something's changing in a big way," Andrew can be heard saying. "It's called rock."

According to Deadline, Snowfall Season 3 Episode 1 will be set in the summer of 1984, when drugs are spreading like wildfire in Los Angeles. Although the local police are doing everything it can to control the distribution, Teddy makes sure the flow will continue as DEA eyes the Colombian suppliers.

Meanwhile, the show's return will be a somber one after the death of its co-creator, director, and executive producer John Singleton. The director best known for his movie Boyz n the Hood created the series with the showrunners Eric Amadio and Dave Andron.

Snowfall Season 3 Episode 1, "Protect and Swerve," will be out on July 10 on FX. The rest of its episodes will air every Wednesday.


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