Google Pixel 4 XL Secret Weapon Leaked Hours Before Google Released The Photo Of The Flagship Device

Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait 'til you see what it can do.
It appears that one of the key features of the upcoming device was recently leaked a few hours before Google confirmed and released the first official image of the heavily rumored flagship device, the Google Pixel 4 XL. (Photo: Made by Google/Twitter)

There are many surprising news related to the highly anticipated Google Pixel 4 that surfaced just a few hours ago. One is the leaked special feature of the flagship device that could also serve as its special weapon. The other is the confirmation and the release of the first official image of the Google Pixel 4 from the search engine giant itself.

Project Soli

If the latest set of speculations is true then we would be able to use Google Pixel 4 without the need to touch it or even talk to it. According to reports from various tech sites, the search engine giant is integrating its patented radar chip to its upcoming flagship device. If this happens, all the user has to do is perform a specific gesture or hand motion and the volume of the device will be adjusted, etc.

There is wild speculation circulating online that Google's Project Soli could debut in Google Pixel 4. This technology, which recently received a special FCC permit, enables users to use hand and finger movements to manipulate virtual knobs, sliders, and buttons without touching the Google Pixel 4.

The speculation was confirmed by XDA that uncovered code in Pixel Q showing that the search engine giant is developing new gestures that entail an Aware sensor. XDA is positive on the possibility that the sensor might launch in Google Pixel 4.

Confirmed Leaks

Just a few hours after we reported that leak that shows the alleged case of Google Pixel 4, the search engine giant confirmed the leaks and even released an official photo of the much-talked-about flagship device. The leak that we reported and the renders that were shared by popular insiders aligned with the official photo of the device.

This move from Google could be its way of hyping up its campaign. But, the consumers already know about this act. In fact, we all memorized what is most likely to happen next. The official photo confirmed the earlier reports of the square camera bump, the spectral sensor, and even the possibility of the Project Soli.

But, above all, Google's recent move of acknowledging and confirming the existence of Google Pixel 4, it gives the consumers something to talk about. The company will earn the credit for driving the conversation that obviously will happen anyway. This recent act from Google is not just a simple act of showing confidence but more of chutzpah.

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