'The Amazing Race' Season 31 Episode 10 Brings Back Double U-Turn

The Amazing Race
Tyler and Korey on "The Amazing Race" season 31 were consistently leading. (Photo: AmazingRace/Facebook)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Amazing Race season 31 that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

It's crunch time for the remaining teams on The Amazing Race season 31! As the show draws to a close for this installment, the upcoming episode will pose another big challenge for the contestants.

The preview shows that the dreaded Double U-Turn has returned in The Amazing Race season 31 episode 10. This means that some teams will once again gain the upper hand as they force another team to do the Detour that they have not picked.

The Double U-Turn came up in The Amazing Race season 31 episode 2 and episode 8. This spelled the end for Rachel and Elissa's run, who were eliminated in the eighth episode. Will another team be unlucky in the upcoming episode? 

Another teaser for The Amazing Race season 31 episode 10 shows some teams doing a challenging task in Kampen, The Netherlands. Are these the ones that have been forced to do the Double U-Turn? 

The Amazing Race season 31 episode 10 is a crucial time because it's going to be the last episode before the finale, where the winners should be named. According to Gold Derby, the two-hour finale (episode 11 and 12) will air on Wednesday, June 26 at an hour later than its usual run at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. 

Meanwhile, The Amazing Race season 31 episode 9, which aired on Wednesday, June 12, saw the remaining teams succeeding to stay in the race: Tyler and Korey, Nicole and Victor, Becca and Floyd, Colin and Christie, and Leo and Jamal. Eliminated were buddies Chris and Bret, who said in the end that despite butting heads in this race, they will always remain bros. 

Surprisingly, Chris and Bret were leading the pack at this leg in Croatia in The Amazing Race season 31 episode 9. They made a mistake choosing the Wash task in the Detour because they wasted a lot of time in the water to hunt for treasures. 

In the middle of their tasks, Chris and Brett decided to switch and do the other detour but they also had trouble completing this Poem task. Consequently, they also forgot to retrieve their gnome, which was a requirement at this leg in The Amazing Race season 31 episode 9. 

In the end, Chris and Brett were way behind time by the time they arrived to be greeted by host Phil Keoghan, who promptly told them they were out of the race. 

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