Nina Dobrev Reveals That She And Co-star Paul Wesley Despised Each Other At The Start Of The Vampire Diaries Filming

Nina Dobrev Reveals That She And Co-star Paul Wesley Despised Each Other At The Start Of The Vampire Diaries Filming
Nina Dobrev recently revealed how she and her onscreen lover, Paul Wesley, despised each other at the start of The Vampire Diaries. (Photo: nina/Instagram)

Nina Dobrev spills a little-known secret about how she and her co-star Paul Wesley apparently despised each other when they first started working together at the start of the famous American drama series, The Vampire Diaries.

The 30-year-old actress recently revealed that there was immense tension between herself and the 36-year-old actor, when she appeared on the latest episode of the widely tuned-in Directionally Challenged podcast with two other of her The Vampire Diaries co-stars, Candice King and Kayla Ewell.

Dobrev confesses that the first few months working with Wesley were hard because of the hostility between the two. However, fans were quick to praise and commend both of their performances in the series. Considering that in real life they hated each other's guts, the two appeared really in love and had great chemistry onscreen as they played the lovers Elena and Stefan.

She added that, although she despised her co-actor when they first met, the two managed to keep things professional. Dobrev also said that, even though she despised Wesley, she could not help but respect him, for she thought he was one of the talented and professional actors in the industry. She admitted that the animosity between herself and Wesley went on for about six months into filming the series.

The actress recounted how, after filming or when running into fans, she would be constantly asked if she and Wesley were dating, seeing each other, or already in a relationship in real life. This was apparently because of the oozing chemistry between the two.

She elaborates and reflects on how that experience has made her realize that there is actually a very thin line between love and hate. They both despised each other so passionately that it evidently translated into love when they were both on the set and in character. She says it is common among actors with their onscreen love interest actresses.

Dobrev added that most people who actually despise each other end up having really great chemistry on film, and therefore, effectively, act the parts of their characters really flawlessly.

The actress also recalls how Wesley had predicted that, one day, they would both overcome and move past their initial distaste for the other. He apparently also used to say that, in a decade or so, the actress would be missing him a little too much.

The actress laughed at the memory, because, true to his predictions, the person she hangs out the most with at present is the actor. She also adds that she is probably closest to him than any other person from their The Vampire Diaries family. 

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