John Cena Drops Hints About Retiring From WWE For Movie Career

John Cena Drops Hints About Retiring From WWE For Movie Career
John Cena is apparently giving serious thought to retiring from his glorious two-decade WWE career and make time for his movie career. (Photo: @JohnCena/Twitter)

The famous World Wrestling Entertainment superstar, John Cena, has been the unbeatable lord of the wrestling ring for some 20 years already. However, the legendary wrestler has dropped a lot of hints about retiring from his wrestling career sometime soon, to make room for new opportunities, which, as of now, is leading him into establishing a movie career.

The 42-year-old was recently spotted having some business in New York City and was approached by a couple of paparazzi and a team of reporters. They asked him for his comment on the recent fighting match between two other distinct wrestlers---Bill Goldberg and The Undertaker.

He was also pressed to give his opinions on how fans of the sport have been calling for the retirement of the aforementioned wrestlers. But, ever the professional, he refused to answer those queries, saying it was not his place to comment about other wrestlers. According to him, retirement is every man's personal choice.

On the other hand, Cena has admitted he has been thinking of going through with his retirement to pursue other projects. And considering he is to join the likes of Vin Diesel in the upcoming Fast and Furious 9, the professional wrestler might be hanging up his trunks soon to start the film's shooting.

In an interview, he recently opened up about the opportunity to act in one of the biggest and most widely known movie franchises of all time. He says it is an amazing opportunity and set of circumstances to be able to be a part of such a big project with really talented actors on the set.

He also added that it was one of those things he thought would never have happened and something he never considered possible. He also goes on to thank Vin Diesel for orchestrating it and making it possible for him to be a part of the family.

The 42-year-old also talked about how excited he is for the upcoming film. He went on to talk on how there are dozens of upsides in getting the unexpected movie role.

Cena is also known to be a 'car-guy,' which is a good headstart for his character, considering the whole movie franchise is built off of that. Although it is the narrative which incorporates how the whole team in the movie is just one big family working together that has, according to him, made the movie series a global hit.

Cena also previously starred in Bumblebee in 2018 and the comedy Blockers in that same year as well.

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