Yang Hyun Suk Allegedly Threatens Han Seo Hee Over B.I's Drug Case

Yang Hyun Suk has been accused of threatening Han Seo Hee over B.I's drug case.
Yang Hyun Suk has been accused of threatening Han Seo Hee over B.I's drug case.
(Photo: Yang Hyun Suk/Wikipedia, Han Seo Hee/Instagram)

“KBS News” reported on June 13 that informant “A,” who was previously reported to be Han Seo Hee, said Yang Hyun Suk threatened her over her testimony regarding B.I. of iKon. On August 23, 2016, the day after she testified to the police about suspicions of B.I’s drug use, she was reportedly called to YG Entertainment’s office and met with Yang Hyun Suk.

Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun stated to KBS that the YG Entertainment CEO had them both take out their phones and agree not to record the conversation. The lawyer told KBS, "[Producer Yang told the informant], 'It would be really easy for me to make things difficult for you.'"

"Even if all our label artists got tested for drugs, the results would be negative,” Bang Jung Hyun claimed Yang Hyun Suk said. “They could periodically get tested for drugs, and if drugs are detected, they could go to Japan and take the drugs out of their system so they won't get detected after that. I don't want my label artists to go to the police station for issues like that. I'll give you enough compensation, and I'll assign you a lawyer too. Go to the police and take back your testimony."

"The informant felt that the lawyer wasn't her lawyer, but a lawyer that was looking out for YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk's point of view,” he continued. “They wrote the testimony on a piece of paper and told her to say it that way. They continued to coach her about it beside her. Before meeting producer Yang, the informant told the truth to the police when she was first caught. Though she accurately told them about smoking marijuana with B.I, B.I asking her to purchase LSD, the time, date, and place during investigations, the police investigation didn't go forward."

While YG Entertainment has confirmed that Yang Hyun Suk met with her, they have denied all suspicions of coaxing her to change her testimony and appointing a substitute lawyer for her.

B.I. withdrew from iKON and exited YG Entertainment after his drug scandal made headlines, and reports are saying the formerly unnamed “A” in the messages revealed by Dispatch is Han Seo Hee, who was also involved in BIGBANG T.O.P's marijuana controversy in 2017. According to EDaily, B.I attempted to purchase illegal drugs from Han Seo Hee through KakaoTalk messages in April of 2016.

In her case with T.O.P, Han Seo Hee admitted guilt and received sentencing of four years of probation along with 120 hours of drug counseling and a fine of 870,000 Won ($767.72).

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