BTS’s Jungkook Shows Off Strength To Carry The 'Most Expensive' Prop On Set

Let's hope he didn't drop the prop!
Let's hope he didn't drop the prop! (Photo: BTS/Facebook)

It’s no secret that BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook has been working out. The youngest of the group had flaunted his physique numerous times, reminding everyone that he is not that cute, young boy anymore.

With that said, he was entrusted with a special task. He had to transport the valuable prop on the planet. In Episode 75 of Run BTS!, BTS continued filming for their very own K-Drama. To complete their mission, they had to film their scenes with a limited amount of time successfully.

Aside from acting, the members were each given one additional staff role. Jungkook became the “Slate Fairy.” The job called for extra muscle, and the 21-year-old didn’t mind it at all.

For one scene, Actor Jungkook had to carry a variety of objects into a room. To spice things up a bit, J-Hope suggested that Jungkook should carry the “most expensive” prop on set — Mr. Worldwide Handsome himself, Jin!

Jungkook obliged and carried Jin carefully and swiftly without breaking a sweat.  (Watch the short clips here). While this interaction is super cute, this is not the only time the pair prove that they are typical siblings.

Jin is the oldest member of BTS, and Jungkook the youngest, although it might be hard to tell by their actions and looks since they act the same age most of the time! But they have a typical relationship between older and youngest sibling – they tease each other, fight and bicker, but also take care of each other and show their love for each other.

Back in March, BTS posted two photos of Jin and Jungkook hiking together on their official Twitter account. BTS captioned the two fun pictures, “Climbing!!” The BTS members appear to be climbing Geomdansan Mountain in South Korea and snapped the photos at 657 meters above sea level. Jin and Jungkook covered up in jackets, with Jungkook rocking a black puffer jacket, black hat, and a camera bag. Jin had on a long green coat and may have even kept the price tag on it!

Once the photos were posted, “Jinkook” immediately started trending worldwide on Twitter. “Jinkook” is a combination of Jin and Jungkook’s names. Fans loved seeing the BTS members out and about. “I missed Jinkook so much that my heart jumped!” one fan tweeted. Another fan noted that it’s been 352 days since the last time Jin and Jungkook posted photos together.

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