Samsung Galaxy Note 10 On Track For August 2019 Release: Revealed Specs So Far

Ice universe confirmed that this GalaxyNote10 render is correct
A recent massive leak about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 propelled popular leaker to release the rear design render of the much-awaited handset. Based on the render, some analysts think the device could be released with 2 4G and 2 5G. (Photo: Ben Geskin/Twitter)

There is no reason to believe that Samsung will encounter delays on its next flagship release this year, and that would be the Galaxy Note 10. A well-known gadget tipster is saying that the original phablet is slated to get its 2019 version as planned, meaning that like the Note 9 last year the new model is dropping this coming August.

This was the claim issued by Evan Blass at the end of the week via Twitter - that the Note 10 will be unpacked in August. Blass said a roadmap from U.S. telco Verizon indicated that the device has been set for introduction in the month and likely will have its commercial debut in the immediate weeks to follow.

It was not mentioned in the Blass tweet but it appears Samsung's intention is to preempt Apple's 2019 iPhone launch. So it makes sense that the Galaxy Note 10 will become available as planned. It must be noted that the same approach work for Samsung last year, and the Galaxy Note 9 proved the more successful Android flagships in 2019.

And speaking of success, it seems the same will characterize the Note 10 if the suggestions pertaining to a leaked screen protector for the device will turn out correct. According to WCCFTech, the accessory designed for the Note 10 strongly hinted of a gadget display with razor-thin bezels.

Basing on the make of the alleged Note 10 protector film, it can be said that the device will boast of a high screen-to-body ratio, certainly higher than what was seen with the Note 9 of last year. The same accessory also floated the likelihood of the device getting "Samsung's DPSS Drilled OLED displays with a cutout for the front camera(s)," the report said.

Now, these are rumored specs that Samsung fans would wish to be true when the Note 10 finally comes out but there are leaked details on the device that might disappoint. One likely letdown, according to Forbes, would be the latest teaser from well-known Samsung leaker Ice Universe that the handset will not feature the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack

Possibly, it would be upsetting as well if the device will only feature a display panel with 6oHz refresh rate, which is among the killer features packed with the OnePlus 7 Pro. The Note 10 lacking the audio jack will mean it can no longer lay claim on being a do-it-all device, the same Forbes report observed.

In the same way, having a panel that is inferior to the OnePlus 7 Pro, for instance, will make the Galaxy Note 10 overpriced. For many, when making a choice between the Note 10 that likely will retail for no less than $100 and the OnePlus 7 Pro, which sells starting at $700, the decision will be easy.

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